Ways To Promote Muscle Recovery

After you work out, your muscles may be tender or sore. Every great workout should be followed up with a proper cool down and muscle recovery treatment.

Massage Therapy

One great way to take care of your muscles is by stretching and massaging them after every workout. Follow up intense exercise sessions with a relaxing yoga routine. You can find poses to target the muscles you just worked out to help release tension and unwind. You can also use a foam roller on these spots to reduce inflammation and post-workout soreness. Because working out causes extra blood and oxygen to flow through your muscles, it’s important to maintain good circulation. You can even get a deep tissue massage Chesapeake VA to promote muscle healing and better circulation.

benefits of Thai massage


Cryotherapy uses ice to reduce blood flow and minimize inflammation in the body. Applying ice to areas of your body can help with post-workout pain and muscle recovery. You can do this at home using an ice pack. Ice packs are the most common form of cryotherapy and are easily accessible. They can also be homemade by freezing water and rubbing alcohol in a sealed bag. For more intense forms of cryotherapy, you can try visiting a facility or spa that has a whole-body chamber available.

Sleep and Nutrition

In addition to yoga and cryotherapy, proper sleep and nutrition are also important when it comes to muscle recovery. Consider having a protein-rich snack before bed to promote natural muscle recovery overnight. When you go to sleep, your body synthesizes proteins that can help build muscles and better your endurance. Upon waking up in the morning, make sure your breakfast also has protein and is filled with nutrients so you can recharge. When you are sleep-deprived, your body will be unable to function properly or perform at its best.

Don’t forget to balance every workout with a well-rounded cool-down routine to promote muscle recovery and rest.

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