The caring career of Mary Seacole

There have been many battles fought over the lifetime of the Earth, and the Crimean War was one of them. The war began in October of 1853 and continued until February 1856. It was fought between the Russians and the British, French and the Ottoman Turks. Most of the war took place on the Crimean Peninsula.

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The war was a difficult one and was poorly organised on both sides. Diseases spread through the camps and killed a large number of soldiers. The conditions that the British soldiers found themselves in were unthinkable, and many people back home in the UK sought to try and change this. Some soldiers returned with conditions that needed to be managed, and carers like those who today work in Support Worker Jobs Gloucester way, helped to nurse them back to health. Take Five Healthcare Support Worker Jobs are the equivalent of the nurse carers that supported soldiers back home.

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Mary Seacole was one of these people. She petitioned the War Office to allow her to travel to Crimea to help treat sock soldiers. Her petition was rejected, and Seacole felt this was on the grounds of her race as other nurses such as Florence Nightingale were allowed to support injured soldiers.

Frustrated that she couldn’t travel, Seacole found a way to finance her own trip to Crimea. Once there, she set up the British Hospital, which was a club for officers, and it was also a place where injured soldiers could convalesce. Mary Seacole used this as a palace where she could treat and take care of soldiers that were sick from the battlefield conditions or who had been injured as a part of the war.

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