15 ways to improve your mood

Anyone can have ups and downs in life and in those moments we really need helping hand (or helping tools) to improve our mood. Today, I share with you some simple and effective tips to lift your spirits, it helps you feel happier and to enhance the mood:

1) Watching funny movie: You can make you forget your problems, let go of stress and anxiety, and help you feel better. After watching a funny comedy that probably will look different on your problems and find the easiest solutions.

2) Get up, dress up and show up: Staying home and lying in your bed, it will not help to boost your mood. Make yourself beautiful, and out the door.

3) Treat yourself, do something nice for yourself: It can be a massage, shopping for a new beautiful dress, bathe or eat your favorite meal.

4) Talk to your best friend or a person you trust: This can also help to boost your mood in a positive direction. Avoid negativity by all means.

5) Think about 10 things you are grateful: This is how I usually start my day and it really helps me to raise my mood and feel instantly happy

6) If the weather is good and the sun is shining: Go for a walk in the nearby park. As you walk, notice the beauty of nature, enjoy, and let the warmth of the sun enters your being. Imagine that the sun is the happiness that shines on you. Let this happiness


7) If you are an artistic person and but never have time for this – start painting again. Express your feelings on canvas using bold colors and can still be shine.

8) Smile: Yes, this suggestion is very simple but it really works. Even scientific research have shown that when we smile – automatically begin to feel happier

9) Listen to your favorite music, preferably, should be rhythmic, uplifting sound, not depressing, sad or melancholic.

10) Breathe deeply: It sounds simple, but it can help improve your mood almost instantly. Breathing is a very effective tool to release your stress.

11) Dance like no one is watching: This is one of my favorite tips to improve my mood. Works

12) Be creative and indulge in your hobby, or in other words: Have some fun, if you enjoy gardening – go out there and plant some seeds, if you like playing the piano – compose a melody, it is playing with clay – be creative

13) Start exercising: Get up and move easily can raise energy levels and, consequently, boost your mood.

14) Sniff a lemon: It seems strange, but some research has found that special substances found in lemons and other citrus fruits help to reduce stress and boost your mood.

15) Remember that the best is yet to come, tomorrow is another day and “the sun will come out, tomorrow!”. Whatever it is bringing down, but it will pass.

Did you find something useful for yourself? If so, please leave me a comment below and tell me that ‘improve’ tip mood you liked best.

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