Carrot oil properties for the skin

Carrot oil can easily be done in a home by maceration and thus take advantage of its beneficial properties skin and hair.

Carrot oil

The carrot is one of the vegetables rich in beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A) with proven and recognized beneficial health properties. Not only can leverage this rich tuber to add it to your stews, salads and homemade dishes, is also a good ally of your beauty.

Today we propose a carrot oil with no contraindications, simple and inexpensive way you can prepare without any problems in your kitchen for use on face and body.


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What is it for?

Although you can also eat, you can use this simple beauty ointment across the skin, hair and spoiled the eye contour. So you get advantage of all the antioxidant vitamins of this vegetable and olive oil (which enters into the composition of the recipe).

How to make homemade carrot oil?

It is as easy as cook over very low heat without browning (this is very important) a couple of carrots in a glass of oil, preferably olive. If you prefer a fat with less odor, decntate sunflower oil, avocado or walnut. Remember to keep the very low heat.

Once the liquid has acquired a yellow or orange hue, remove and strain it very well so that there is no bit. This oil well preserved in the refrigerator, will serve for countless beauty preparations that we show below.

One trick that adds value is to use other essential oils. If you have very devitalized skin or are extremely stressed, you can mix it with a few drops of lavender (which helps relax) or rosehip (which brings youth to the epidermis).

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Carrot Oil Properties

Once you’ve prepared your own beauty ointment, you can use it just like that or part of masks, soaps or creams. You can take advantage of the properties of carrot oil to care for face, neck, body, hair and eye area. You will get the results:

  • Its high content of vitamin A and precursors of this micronutrient oil zanahoira make a great ally to maintain supple and nourished. Apply if you have marked, deep wrinkles or are emaciated. It’s better at night and remove excess the next morning.
  • You can use it if you are sunbathing, provided they do not have an excessively fair skin, radiation are not strong and do not take long. It is a natural tan accelerator, but spend very careful and do terrible things.
  • Among the properties of carrot oil is of help to repair the skin and hair by weather aggressions: salt, wind, cold and heat. In this case it is best used as a mask by mixing equal parts carrot oil with crushed avocado pulp and a tablespoon of oatmeal. Leave it at least half an hour before removing.
  • Another of the properties of carrot oil is to help clean of impurities and excess sebum very fat or acne skin. For this condition you can mix oil with wheat bran to make a grainy paste. Leave it on for half an hour and then performs a gentle massage. Topping the rinse operation with a natural soap.
  • Having vitamins E and C, applied on the body provides elasticity and also helps fight not only dryness, eczema also of diverse etiology, as long as not enrolled with blood.
  • You can also use it as a mouthwash, placing a few drops on sore or infected gums.
  • If you are using in your hair, after the effect for about five minutes, wash your hair with your regular shampoo. So you retire excess fat.


Topical or even oral is not described any reaction unless you have an allergy (extremely strange) to some of its components.

Did you know?

These oils beauty, if you are consistent, they work with as much or more effectively than many creams on the market made with chemicals.

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