“Office Syndrome”: Causes and Treatment

More recently, parents forbade you long and closely watch TV, not to spoil the eye. Time passed, and now you and the parents, however, it does not prevent you day and night to spend time in front of computer. Well done, you might say, and shrug your shoulders hopelessly. Indeed, office work initially involves working at a computer, a sedentary lifestyle and multi-tasking mode. Of course, this cannot but affect the health. Staff even found this unpleasant condition as “office syndrome” – a set of symptoms that occur due to the nature of work in the office. The most susceptible to his programmers and secretaries.

Symptoms “office syndrome”

1) Dry Eye Syndrome: Office workers have to constantly look at the monitor more than one hour, but within 15 minutes my eyes start to feel the strain. Rare blinking causes that dries the mucous. There is a sensation like sand in the eyes.

2) Pain syndromes: Unfortunately, static posture and emotional stress, as a rule, already in the first year of work in the office are felt pain in the neck, lower back and even in the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome).

3) Poor health: Often employers free job requirements indicated in stress resistance and the ability to work more. In the future, it is the quality and the desire to soon climb the corporate ladder office workaholic results in headaches, chronic fatigue, and even the development of cardiovascular disease and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. No wonder they say that all diseases of the nerves. Although in this case, even from poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

Office Syndrome

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Risk factors for the onset of symptoms

1) Individual (bad habits, such as smoking, lack of sleep, and regular sex, as women are at greater Syndrome).

2) Physical (stay in one position for a long time, perform the same type of movements, awkward position of the body).

3) Clinical (the presence of diseases such as scoliosis and low back pain, weakness of the muscles of the back, the lack of physical development in general).

Huge impact on the human condition, has a psychological factor in his performance. Uncertainty about the correctness and necessity of work, emotional exhaustion, unfriendly staff, the inability to influence the situation can become a cause of stress.

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How to fight with the “office syndrome”

First of all, you need to change the order of the day. The bulk of the cases to be performed in the first half, until the body is ready for active work. In carrying out the work is essential to arrange 10minutnye breaks during which you need to get up from the chair and do a little workout. It is important to regularly ventilate the room, and in the presence of bad habits to give them up.

Perhaps the best tool for prevention and treatment of “office syndrome” are sports. In the West, many large enterprises are already thinking about the problem of employees and paid those passes to the fitness clubs. Incredibly useful to visit the illness. Varicose veins, heart disease, back pain, fatigue – all the water on the shoulder.

The set of measures to combat the “office syndrome” it is necessary to include medication that relieves spasms, i.e. pain. Analgesics can help break the chain synchronization process started. It should be understood that the tablet – is not the main treatment, but merely supplement it. Therefore, to achieve good results you need to fulfill all the requirements.

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