How to strengthen brittle nails with natural remedies

Cross and delight of all women, the nails are one of the body parts that can give us so much satisfaction as they can make us “lose” a lot of time for their care. Yes, of course, we know that whoever wants to look nice a little must suffer, but it would be nice if everything was perfect without having to suffer too?

Well, us a hand with some simple remedy, fast, natural let’s try to give it to you, but you promethium you will do the good and to follow word for word our advice, okay?

This article will show you the Nonna three natural remedies to strengthen brittle nails.


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But let’s start from the beginning because it can weaken your nails? The factors are varied and not always connected to each other. It could be stress-related causes and then to stigmatization of a deeper unease, poor diet or more precisely the lack of nutrients in particular, in any case always apply the same advice on fruit and vegetable consumption.

The nails may weaken because we use detergents and detergents too aggressive but failing to protect and moisturize with a cream or why we use low quality enamels and do not let go even one day between an application and the other for the nail to breathe. We also remember that the use of aggressive solvents, such as acetone, can ruin your nails.

How to do so? Here are three remedies …

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Extra virgin olive oil

You never thought about it? Yes, massaging the nails with a little extra virgin olive oil helps to keep them hydrated, more resilient and therefore stronger. A bit like when smeared on it entire packs of almond oil after thoroughly exploited those inoculation.


The lemon whitens and strengthens, did you know? Get Them perhaps after having cooked something that leaves you on the hands a particularly persistent odor, before moving to the moisturizer without stopping on that pastry or the hazelnut above. Massage your nails with a few drops of lemon juice and see how quickly they will be brighter and stronger.


This third remedy also encloses the first two, because it is an oil-based wrap, bicarbonate and lemon able both to whiten that to reinforce. Prepare a mixture with a tablespoon of oil, two of baking soda and a lemon, set us a bit ‘on each nail, massage and leave for a few minutes.

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