How to ensure your body healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is important the body because during sleep, all organs and reboot the system, the body is refreshed in the morning and the person feels fresh and rested. How to provide the body with healthy sleep, consider some tips.

Sleep is essential not only for the renovation work of the organs, but also to upgrade the emotional and mental state of a person. Head to work well, it is important in sleep 9-10 hours a day, during which time the body will be able to restart all the mechanisms and the man again feels fresher and healthier.

For the regulation of the sleep hormone melatonin is responsible, it is from this it determines a person’s sleep. To help the body produce melatonin in the right quantities, it is important to adhere to a clear mode of sleep, while melatonin production will reach a peak at a specific time such as 21:30, and the body will be set up to clear instructions, which will not give failures. The habit of going to bed late or very detrimental effect at different times in the body, so you must get rid of it.

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To ensure a healthy sleep, it is very important place where you sleep. Starting from the air temperature to pillows is important to consider all the details. If a young age people are not particularly suffer from insomnia, the older, this problem becomes extremely unpleasant, and its elimination depends on some points that are easy to fix. The room in which there is a bedroom should be clean, cool, and not cluttered unnecessary furniture. It is very important in the room, regular wet cleaning, wash the curtains and ventilate.

The bed should be comfortable, after a dream, you should not get sick of spin, it is important to choose a mattress that best will fit exactly to your body. Pillow is also an important subject of good sleep, depends on it, the condition of the night neck vertebrae. If incorrectly selected bunk body rests, but on the contrary is a burden on certain muscles, spine and nerve endings, so treat this matter carefully.

Bedding should always be clean from a natural material, as in a dream a person sweats the natural material absorb moisture and synthetics on the contrary does the laundry wet where it is impossible to sleep. The light in the bedroom should be soft, not bright, light the night lamp – is the best option, because in bright light melatonin production stops, a bright light is not conducive to sound sleep.

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Many people like to sleep during the day, if you can call this habit helpful? You may be surprised, but recent studies have shown that a short rest in the afternoon for 20 minutes helps to improve the efficiency of the organism. The conclusion can sleep during the day, but not more than 20 minutes, as a long sleep, adjusts the body to a deep sleep, after which a person can feel bad, and as a result of night’s sleep will not maximize the rest of the body.

To answer the question how to ensure your body healthy sleep, will help the following advice is very important before going to bed, to postpone the case, which overload the brain and nervous system, because the brain is strongly involved, such as problem solving, work with the papers or on the computer, the poor sleep is provided to you . At least 2 hours make sure to get ready for bed, for this stroll in the park, drink a warm decoction of chamomile or a glass of milk, take a warm shower or bath. Before going to bed do not see films that activate the nervous system, better read something soothing, or turn on soft music.

Overeating is a very bad habit, which impairs sleep. At night, you cannot eat fatty, sugary foods, drink alcohol or abuse strong coffee.

Healthy and sound sleep promote physical activity, it can be anything you can wear down themselves in the gym, you can cut wood, clean the apartment, in general, all that contributes to fatigue. Great physical fatigue and improves sleep.

Traditional medicine offers the use broths to help sleep through the night. A simple daisy decoction is considered, it calms the nervous system. Prepare a decoction of chamomile to a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp need chamomile plant brew with boiling water and let it brew, take a decoction warm with honey before going to bed.

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