Water aerobics – Benefits of this Recommendation

The water aerobics can be the year that you were looking to lose weight and keep fit in a different way.

Not everyone can adapt to the most popular exercise or enjoy making them. Weight training, running, walking, cycling, among others, does not always meet the needs of its practitioners or motivate. For those people looking for something different, there are numerous options, including have the water aerobics.

Water Aerobics Exercise

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How it works?

In a very simple way, the water aerobics is a series of exercises, previously planned by a competent professional, made ​​in the water. The benefits of this practice are many. In many cases, it is the most appropriate exercise, as well as to combine aerobic exercise with very low impact to considerable energy expenditure, provides an optimal muscle relaxation.

Benefits of water aerobics

But, Is losing weight possible with aerobics? The answer is yes, provided that you maintain a balanced diet and know about the potential of water aerobics. That is what we call a mixed exercise because it uses aerobic metabolism (endurance) and anaerobic (strength). This happens because water requires about 12 times more resistant than air. Therefore, the movements made in the water require a lot more force than the moves made out of water. Thus, a well-conducted water aerobics class can get to burn more than 400 calories! In addition, you should know which is your ideal weight for healthy living.

Another advantage is that the aqua such as immersion in water decreases the action of gravity on the body; there is relaxation of vascular walls, considerably improving blood circulation. This improves the circulation is closely tied to the improvement in muscle relaxation and hence of sleep and the general quality of life.

In addition, water aerobics is also a very democratic practice, for all groups of individuals can participate in it, provided with the doctor’s approval in cases of people with heart problems. People with joint problems, overweight or low mobility can be found in water aerobics a great ally for the reversal of its frame.

Safe practice

Some people have a certain fear about the practice of water aerobics for not knowing swimming. The class of aerobics should be done with water up to shoulder height, max. More than that, eventually impairing the progress and execution of the exercises. In addition, the vast majority of gyms and clubs offering all the necessary security for the practice, with trained teachers and buoys are available to all students.

Anyway, aerobics, when practiced regularly, at least 3 times a week, is a very good practice for the vast majority of people, is to lose weight to improve your quality of life.

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