Why do hip-hop musicians go crazy about Sizzurp?

The sizzurp lean drink is a home based party drink that mixed up with cough medicine, candies, and clear soda. If you want to go for the classic one, then you have to follow the exact recipe that has gained the vast popularity over the years. Its most essential element is cough syrup. Collect the one has codeine and promethazine in it. This party type drink also gained its fame by the name purple drank. Peoples love to mix the drink with some soda to make it more soluble. At the end to finished, they add few sweet Jolly Rancher candies to makes the drink even tastier and more colorful.

The Purple Drank was initially introduced in some times 1960s in Houston, United States. Blues musicians were starting to consume some sort of drink that basically was a combo mixer of Robitussin and regular beer. But that was limited to them for some times and as time goes their fan followers start to consuming that drinks too. Later on in the 90s, the original recipe was turning towards a whole new dimension. Peoples have started to experiment with different taste and flavors. The ultimate result came when they found a new formula where they used the cough syrup as main ingredient and soda to increase flavor and candy like Jolly Ranchers to give sweeten taste and its purple color. The whole idea was so incredible and sooner it has begun to gain huge popularity in the southern rap community.

They deserve all the credits for making this drink so glamorous. Not only that, they also constantly boosted the drink to the media world. Now if you look at in the online, there are many pages that represent this awesome drink. The effects in the human body are phenomenal. It will create a relaxation feeling (like the speck) and also creates distortion of reality and paranoia. Codeine is an element that basically is a narcotic which comes from the opium gum of poppy.

Consuming a large dose can produce a sensation of euphoria and on the other hand, promethazine is an antihistamine component that generates sedative feeling. Now you know why a bunch of hip-hop musicians get crazy to have a sip of it. After all, its a party time. You can find more reviews in herewww.purpledranksizzurp.com

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