Running: 5 mistakes to avoid that we did not imagine

Running is a sport with a thousand benefits, but it must be done well! Are you sure you do not make mistakes before, during or after your training? Here are 5 pretty common mistakes that should be avoided for a workout that bears fruit.

Running is a sport full of benefits, very useful for losing weight and strengthening the musculoskeletal system, the cardio-circulatory system, improving mood, speeding up the metabolism and much more. However, do not just put a pair of shoes gymnastics any to begin to practice it!

There are some precautions that must be taken into consideration. Here are 5 pretty common mistakes that should be avoided before, after and during the race …


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1. Do not heat up

The first serious mistake you never make when you start running is not doing any kind of warm up. The body needs to be warmed up, whether it be some stretching and stretching exercise, or a brisk walk or a bit of running on the spot.

10 minutes of heating will be enough to activate both the circulation and the muscles, thus avoiding traumas. In this way you will be able to prevent injuries by loosening the muscles and ligaments and, bringing the heartbeat to a steady state, you will guarantee the whole body a correct spraying that will allow you to tire less easily.

2. Do not eat enough

Run to be able to lose weight faster and do you think that avoiding eating is the right choice? Nothing could be more wrong! Our body needs energy to perform proper physical activity. Eating a couple of hours before the race is essential: obviously it will be about choosing a suitable diet, with foods low in fat and containing proteins and fibers.

If you are running for a long time, you will also need to feed yourself during the race: as a rule you should take 100 calories after the first hour and another 100 every 45 minutes, better if it is fruit or energy bars.

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3. Do not get enough hydration

Even hydration is essential, at least as much power. Running sweat a lot and the loss of fluids can expose you to malaise and injuries to the muscles. Try to always drink a half liter of water before running and then drinking small sips every 20 minutes of activity.

If you want to drink supplements with mineral salts, well, but avoid caffeine and strange concoctions : always better to focus on the very simple water to rehydrate … it’s all that the body asks you for!


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4. Losing control of your body

While running it is essential to always keep control of your body, especially if you do not run in the plains. Downhill, in fact, we tend to let go of the body, assuming a wrong position, generally inclined forward, which goes to fatigue both the back and the knees. There are also those who, on the contrary, to put on brakes, carry all the weight on their heels, straining their tendons and ligaments.

Running, however, you must try to always keep your center of gravity firm and always take steps of the same width, thus avoiding straining your muscles.

5. Do not use specific clothing for running

For those who practice the race, there is a precise technical clothing , which varies from season to season. The technical material of pants and t-shirts is essential to promote perspiration and, at the same time, keep the body dry. Synthetic fabrics are entirely to be avoided, as well as cotton, which can lead to irritation.

The shoes are really essential: they must be designed specifically for running and not be simple sneakers, in order to promote the elasticity of the movement and not straining muscles and knees.

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