4 Things To Do for an Energy Lift

Is your energy at a low ebb? Do you find it a challenge to meet your daily demands? Rest assured — you’re not alone. If you have a significant drop in energy, be sure to see your doctor. Once you’re cleared, try these ideas to uplift your spirits and energy level. 

1. Smile More

It might seem a little artificial at first to smile more, but try it. Even a slight smile as you’re working or doing housework sends a message to your brain that “all is well.” When it’s appropriate, share smiles with people you see during the day, loved ones, and even on video calls. It’s a great way to bond and build trust. Feel self-conscious about your smile? Do a search using terms such as cosmetic dentistry Bel Air MD to find a clinician who can help you maximize your smile. 

2. Get Outside

Even if it’s for a brief time, get outside, look at the sky, and get some fresh air. Do it as soon as you can in the morning. It’ll help set your circadian clock and prime your body and mind for connection and engagement. 

3. Get Moving

Do as much functional movement as you can during the day. Take frequent breaks from the desk and do simple things like dance breaks or walking a few laps around the yard. Some workplaces have even developed opportunities for employees to exercise together on their Slack channels! 

4. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sufficient sleep is a foundation for sustained vitality and overall health. Aim for at least seven hours of shut-eye per night; more is better if you can get it. You’ll enjoy improved alertness, a better mood, and a more consistent energy level. 

Boosting your energy requires a holistic approach. Keep these ideas in mind as you optimize your well-being. 

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