Kettlebell, the entire gym in one hand

The great success that is getting functional training has reassessed the kettlebell, a tool of ancient origin, used it the Shaolin monks over 2000 years ago, but if traces are found in inscriptions of ancient Egypt and China, the world’s most famous coach of kettlebells, “a full gym which is held in one hand.” 

It is a ball of iron with handle highly versatile used just for this characteristic in all fitness and sports. And what in the world of fitness has always stood for: the right mix of an aerobic training with overload, aerobic activity and cardiovascular development of various motor skills, such as coordination, balance, strength, endurance, mobility, speed, dexterity. 

Exercise with Kettlebell

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Well train with kettlebells provides exactly that. Ideal for those with limited time and for those who want to train in the tranquility of its four walls, are the right instrument training to become stronger, explosive, strong, appear more toned and dry: only half an hour you can burn well 700 calories.


Exercises with kettlebells appearance may seem simple, it is actually to perform movements that require great control and precision of execution, to avoid disappointment and to ensure that produce the desired improvements. You can practice with one kettlebell held with both hands or dynamically passing it from hand to hand, or use two of them. It is important to buy the best for your body weight and physical condition.

However, the sizes on the market ranging from 8 to 32 pounds. Techniques of implementation are mainly three: grind, ballistic, hand2hand drills. In the first performing slow movements, using a low number of repetitions; in ballistic movements they are dynamic, explosive and characterized by a high number of repetitions, excellent for resistance and cardiovascular conditioning; in the third technique the movements are always fast, but require considerable dexterity and coordination.

Being a functional training, the muscles are never isolated; joints and movements are natural and adaptable to any physical structure. In this way is not the body which must be adapted to the movement, but it is the movement that adapts to the characteristics of the body.


With this tool you can perform a multitude of exercises, we present the four basic. Several precautions before you engage yourself with your girya. The push for the lifting part always from the hips and then spread throughout the body. For this it is essential the position of the feet and upper body that must remain upright, with the center of gravity in perfect central location of balance. To control the kettlebell during the lifting is necessary to work hard abs and its stabilizers.


The whirling body, with a single movement, how to generate power from the legs and release it in the upper part of the body and at the hands. It mobilizes the pelvis and stimulates especially the abdominal muscles, glutes and leg muscles. The ballistic movement must take place with the central area of ​​the body always contracted, so as to avoid possible trauma to the low back. Standing upright, legs bent feet at shoulder width and your weight on your heels; place your kettlebell, held in both hands behind your ankles.

Now peel it off the ground and swing in front with your bare legs and pelvis. Keep your back straight with your shoulder blades closed. The arms are confined to follow the movement of the tool which in the first few oscillations does not exceed 45°. The perfect execution wants the kettlebell reaches almost vertically overhead. Perform 15 repetitions for 2 series, with a recovery of 1 minute between a series and the other.


Exercise for chest, shoulders, triceps and abs. Place two kettlebells to the ground at a distance that corresponds to the width of your shoulders. Make yourself as prone to perform bending to the ground, but with the variant to grasp the handle of the kettlebell instead bring your hands to the ground. At this point started the exercise trying to get off as much as possible. Do not arch your back. Perform 10 repetitions for 2 series, with a recovery of 1 minute between a series and the other.


A good exercise to involve all the posterior muscles of the body, particularly glutes, hamstring, erector spine and oblique. Standing upright with legs slightly apart, grab a kettlebell and momentum take him over the head and perpendicular to the floor. Bend your torso down swinging the arm that holds the kettlebell. Return to the starting position. Perform 10 repetitions on each side for 2 sets and recover one minute between each set.

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