7 Pro-biotic foods good for the stomach

The pro-biotic foods, after years, have gone onto have the importance they deserve in food. Only they were taken into account by the purists but fortunately we can find anywhere and are accepted “socially” by most people and incorporated into your diet.

Digestive problems increasingly affect, causing discomfort and problems that must be assumed in everyday life and take into account without resorting to the doctor.

Pro-biotics are live, beneficial bacteria that are present in our digestive system. They are very important in maintaining digestive health and general welfare of the body.

Pro-biotic foods

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Some medications such as antibiotics or excessive sugar intake end with our natural pro-biotic gut flora. Thus, what happens is that there are more bad than good bacteria. The balance of flora resulting in disorders such as allergies, skin problems, urinary tract infections and even mood swings is lost.

70% of the immune system is located within the digestive system. It is therefore essential to keep balanced and healthy, and therefore “good mood”.

The problem is the variety of brands and pro-biotic products on the market today and that makes it much more difficult to know which are of higher quality. The best quality often become quite expensive.

Instead, there area number of generic foods that provide the same benefits that these pro-biotic foods. Therefore, we will show you a list of 7 foods that we can include in our daily diet to achieve an improvement in the body:

1. Kombucha

The kombucha is made by fermenting sweet tea with a certain mixture of bacteria and yeast. The result of this fermentation is a carbonated beverage containing vitamins, acids, enzymes and of course, very healthy pro-biotics.

The health benefits of kombucha include a reduction in joint pain, more energy overall, better digestion and good support the immune system in general.

Another feature of this carbonated drink is that it is slightly sweet and serves as a substitute soft drinks or juices industry generally have much more sugar convenient and also destroy our intestinal flora.

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2. Kimchi

Kimchi, or fermented cabbage (sauerkraut-like) has been the basis of the typical Korean diet for centuries. The West is discovering now, rather than his exotic flavor, for its many beneficial properties.

Kimchi is simply chopped white cabbage or fermented cabbage and some spices in a very similar to the preparation of kombucha process, so that their properties and benefits are similar to those of this drink.

3. Miso

Miso is another pro-biotic food par excellence.It is a Japanese paste made ​​from fermented soybeans (sometimes with rice and / or barley). In the West is known more for being the essential component of the famous Miso soup. However, this pasta has numerous health benefits.

It helps regulate our intestinal transit and decreases the risk of heart attack or cancer. Additional benefits include less fatigue, decreased cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and inflammation.

4. Yogurt

It is perhaps one of the best-known pro-biotic foods for everyone. Has long been languishing among all populations and from ancient times is known that yogurt re-balances the intestinal flora.

The result is a smooth and creamy, full of beneficial bacteria product for our health. Traditionally recommended intake of yogurt to those people who are taking antibiotics or suffering from a yeast infection.

Something to keep in mind about these pro-biotics is that not all yogurts are produced in the same manner. With highly loaded with sugar yogurts, the same benefits are not obtained with a natural yogurt. What’s more, yogurts too elaborate may adversely affect our digestive tract for that very high sugar content.

5. Kefir

Kefir is one of the great pro-biotic foods. It is a fermented milk product; basically a liquid and as lightly acid flavor yogurt and therefore drinkable.

It is packed with nutrients such as pro-biotics, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, among others, and can even cure problems of our digestive tract. Combat inflammation and improves digestion.

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6. Tempeh

Originally from Indonesia, tempeh is made ​​from soybeans, who adopt a consistency similar to a cake whose mass is held together by a fungus that appears during the fermentation process.

Tempeh is a popular substitute for meat among vegetarians as it is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. Another aspect that favors huge popularity is its versatility: it can be applied to many recipes of traditional considered.

7. Sourdough

The sourdough is packed with carbohydrates. Traditionally it was treated as a poor quality bread but their sourdough bacteria are pro-biotic. It is also one of the tastiest breads in the world.

This sourdough is made ​​from a yeast dough and with bacteria called “lactobacillus”. With this, all the ingredients of bread are fermented but it is best that beneficial bacteria and pro-biotics for digestive system are provided while enjoying tasty bread.

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