Caution: The number of moles on your arms can warn of skin cancer

Having many moles on the right arm does not mean that necessarily we are going to develop skin cancer, but we submit to routine checkups and protection from the sun.

The number of moles on our skin is an indicator that can alert us about the likelihood of cancer or not these features.

Moreover, according to a study published in the journal “British Journal of Dermatology”, have more than 15 moles on the right arm we should put on notice, and the need to see a dermatologist for us to make an examination.

With this we do not mean at all that if right now you’re on your arm more moles of this figure, already have a skin cancer. Not so. It’s just an indicator that marks a probability, and the need to be alert.

Skin cancer

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We give you all the information in the following article.

The number of moles on our skin

A team of dermatologists and researchers from King’s College London (UK) found that the number of moles that have the right arm is an indicator of the total number we can have on the body.

Thus, a person with more than 15 moles is likely to have a total count of between 80 and 100. It is a fact that we must consider, as have more than 100 moles on our body poses a risk 5 times greater than suffering skin cancer or, in the worst cases, a melanoma.

We clarify; once again, that is not immediately thinking the worst. It’s just an indicator that raises the possibility of suffering from this problem. We did not go to the dermatologist costs anything to make us a review, and thus stay calmer.

  • Today the lunar count technique is an effective method to evaluate the risk.
  • In addition to the count, the experts also consider “concentration”, hence we reiterate the need to look moles that have in the arm right.
  • The study was conducted over 8 years. Were nurses themselves who made a count of moles, in 17 body areas, a sample of 3 700 people.
  • The results were very significant. The count of the number of moles of the right arm is considered as a useful tool for assessing the risk of a person when this disease.
  • Dermatologist and co-author of the research, Veronique Bataille, tells us something important: do not obsess counting each day the number of moles of our right arm.

“People usually have many moles on your body, they should be aware of the need to submit to periodic review.”

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Prevention measures

Most people usually have between 10 and 40 common moles. They are an accumulation of melanocytes or pigmented cells that appear on parts of our body and, usually, they are exposed to sunlight.

Other moles, however, can be born. They are small benign tumors or nevus cells not normally be transformed into melanomas. The most dangerous are those that appear Glad we exposed to sunlight, hence we should always be aware of these features:

  • Take care of your moles do not change color overnight.
  • Serving your way. If any of your moles have irregular form, go to the dermatologist.
  • Notes texture: Is it rough? Very hard? If so, you should get tested.
  • Look at his color. If you notice that the color is not uniform it is another important sign.
  • A mole should never hurt or swell, much less bleeding.

The importance of prevention

  • You know if your skin is very clear will have more risk of having a problem with moles. Usually, all should avoid the most intense hours of sun, those between 10 and 16 hours.
  • Recalls the importance of consistent use sunscreen to your skin type.
  • It is usual that we all remember get protection during the summer, especially when we go to the beach. … And now the rest of the year? It is that there is no risk?

There are, and hence in recent years are appearing facial creams daily use and protection where it is incorporated against the suns rays for both men and women.

In the latter case always very useful, for example, the use of makeups that already includes this composition.

  • If your skin is clear remember that it is desirable that in the summer use tissues to protect you from the sun. Avoid using very overdrafts shirts or tops.

While we all like to wear lighter clothing, if you’re pale skin may regret it in the future. They can get out many moles on her back, face, or arms.

  • Do not overdo it either in the use of UVA booths.
  • Does not forget to protect yourself with approved sunglasses, and always elegant summer wear straw hats. They take care much of your skin and your beauty as much as your health will thank you.

To conclude, we all know that moles give us an attractive air, but we must watch them, count them and serve them. Worth it!

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