Trends in makeup 2016

This 2016 has arrived with new trends in makeup and even fashion. The key is to combine what remains better so we can highlight our natural beauty. Then see trends in this season.

Trends eye

The turquoise is the feeling this year, while light blue and other shades of blue, not left behind.It is no longer fashionable to wear only shadows, eyeliners also change color.

Trends in makeup 2016

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The trend will remain smokey eyes. So try to delineate a strong stroke. Then apply shadow on the eyelids with brush. The mask will be your main ally and give the finishing touch to your look. Use matte shades of dark and combine them with neutral colored lips.

Trends for lips

It is one of the biggest attractions of women. The red color is very seductive, but the freshest tones may be more suggestive. In addition, you can play with its various shades, qualifying to pink, depending on the outfit that look.

If you have a soft makeup, you can apply a nude tone on the lips, which will give freshness and joviality to your face.

Subtle tonalities

The make up style is not so. The most important thing is to maintain the very moisturized, to shine in all its glory. It is important to note that have to be perfectionists in this makeup. This is not to use fewer products, but the face look natural, as if freshly washed.

Ideally skin work with transparent or satin bases, to cover imperfections, then with shadows and blushes natural tone, which subtly highlights the depth of the eye, both above and below.

Without excess

Do not forget that the important thing is to find the tone that fits your skin color to give a natural touch. Nothing clown contouring or baking, because what is sought is that the colors are almost imperceptible. Remember that you can always apply illuminators.

However, you should not abuse this and be very subtle when used, because otherwise, you’ll get the opposite effect to not make up. The subtlety and prudence are your best tools to achieve the natural look.

Fresh and natural

For a sober look, what to highlight are the eyes. The rest of the face should look pretty without makeup. It is recommended to combine the nude lips with smokey eyes. It is an intense outlined, very satiny shadows.

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It is important to note that the nude tone is ideal for large lips, and brunettes or olive skin tone. In a white person, the color can be compared to the skin, and not look great, unless you combine it with a touch of pink or brown.

Home cleaning

It is recommended that daily cleaning use tonic and chamomile to liven up your complexion…

  • Prefers chamomile flowers instead of teabags.
  • Prepare tea, as it take it, making sure to strain it completely to avoid leaving residues. On your face when applying
  • Let it stand for about 20 minutes or until completely cool.
  • When it is at room temperature, pour into a container with a lid; but make it airtight preferably.
  • Take it to the refrigerator for three hours at least.
  • Clean the face with soap suitable for your skin type, preferably it is of syndrome type or neutral PH, it all depends on whether your skin is dry, fat, mixed or sensitive.
  • Apply tea all over your skin in circular and with the help of a cotton movements.
  • Avoid the area around the eyes.
  • Let the product penetrate the dermis for at least 10 minutes then wash the face with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

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