Avoid an Illness From Mosquito-borne Contamination

With the year-round warm climate in Austin, Texas, it is easy to have a large mosquito population on a property. After a lot of rain or a flood, it is possible to have an overwhelming number of mosquitoes that are searching for humans to bite. Mosquitoes thrive in certain regions, and today, this species of insects can transmit numerous medical conditions such as:

Zika virus
Dengue fever
West Nile virus

Some of these mosquito-borne diseases can make you ill for weeks or months, and in some cases, complications from these conditions will lead to death.

Where Do Mosquitoes Breed?

There are several ways to reduce the chances of having a mosquito bite, including removing the standing water from your property. Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs on the standing water in tree stumps, swimming pools and old tires. If you have a property that is littered with trash and foliage, then you are more likely to have a mosquito infestation outside your business or home. In addition, these mosquitoes will find ways to enter a building in order to inflict bites.

What Prevents Mosquito Bites?

It is essential to keep your property clean to avoid mosquito bites, and you can also install new window screens in a building. If mosquitoes are entering your home at night, then have mosquito nets around the beds. When you go outside, make sure to wear light colors such as white or tan that will repel mosquitoes, and you should also cover as much of your skin as possible. Make sure to apply insect repellent to your skin, and also, you can wash with specialized soap that contains chemicals that mosquitoes avoid.

What Is Professional Mosquito Misting?

However, one of the most modern ways to eliminate mosquitoes is by having your property misted every few weeks to eliminate as many adult insects as possible. The misting chemicals also help to repel most mosquitoes and other flying insects so that you can go outside without worrying about a bite or sting. The professionals who apply chemicals to your property can arrive when you want them to, and you dont need to remain nearby during the misting service.

Call Our Mosquito Control Company In Austin Today

After a propertys lawns are treated with misting sprays, you will notice that there are fewer mosquitoes, and other flying insects will stay away from the chemicals. Misting sprays dont create a foul odor, and the chemicals used are not harmful to humans or family pets. The amount of time that the mosquito control misting system is effective varies, but when it rains, you may need to call the experts again.

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