Which contact lenses should I choose?

Which contact lenses should I choose? Problems with vision disturb me even from the first year of the institute. I admit honestly: to orient in the store for color and memory, to recognize friends on the walk and sweater – order fed up. And my glasses have not caught on. That’s why I thought about buying lenses. After reading a dozen articles and visiting an ophthalmologist, I compiled a list of 5 mandatory questions that must be answered …

Which contact lenses are better?

There are many kinds of contact lenses, but the main division occurs in …

  • Tough. Do not be afraid: they are usually made of silicone, not glass, as in the good old days;
  • Soft of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.

Lenses also differ in how they pass air and cope with the correction of specific problems. In other words, the question “Which contact lenses is better?” Is not entirely appropriate. Therefore, we pass the test and determine.

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Question 1 – Super-vision or comfortable lenses for every day?

If you are used to wearing glasses and like a flawlessly clear image, it is worth choosing good contact lenses from the category of hard. They are also able to solve serious vision problems like astigmatism. But, an unconditional lack – until the end of adaptation you will feel a foreign object.

If you, like me, are used to walking at all without glasses, it is better to make a choice in favor of comfort and purchase soft lenses.

Conclusion: Tough for perfect clarity and solutions to serious problems, soft – comfortable lenses for every day.

Question 2 – Do I need lenses at night?

If you do not want to store glasses on the bedside table and dream of getting up in the morning with 100% eyesight, you need to think about a 24 hour lens wear. Optimal option – soft from silicone hydrogel. Why? Unlike other varieties, they do not create discomfort and excellently pass oxygen: you do not risk to earn swelling, allergies and other problems. But the lenses from the hydrogel – not the best choice: they can be worn only 8 hours without harm to the eyes.

Conclusion: Silicone-hydrogel for carrying 24 hours a day, hydrogel – up to 8 hours.

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Question 3 – What about hygiene procedures?

In the question of lenses, it is very important not to aggravate the situation. Allergies, infections and swelling – all this “bouquet” can be earned if you do not attach importance to hygiene. Therefore, if you buy lenses of long-term use (a month, 3 months or even a year), solutions for cleaning, disinfection and storage are your constant companions. But even with this arsenal, lenses lose their properties and they can not be used during illness or infection.

Do not you want to complicate your life? Choose one-day lenses. They are sold in packs for a month: at the end of the day we get rid of the used pair, and in the morning we put on fresh ones. But this option will be several times more expensive.

Conclusion: Long-life lenses and solutions – a more economical option, one-day lenses – hygienic and without unnecessary hassle.

Question 4 – Are you going to wear glasses from time to time?

I did not intend to wear lenses all day: at home it’s more comfortable for me to wear glasses. If this question is also relevant for you, choose soft lenses. Why? When you wear solid lenses, the shape of the cornea changes somewhat and the correction of vision in glasses loses its effectiveness: the image becomes vague.

Conclusion: Soft lenses, if you plan to periodically wear the usual glasses.

Question 5 – Colored contact lenses for vision – want to change the image?

No, this does not mean wearing green-colored lenses, as they were 10 years ago: now there are many options that will enhance and emphasize the dignity of the natural color of the eyes. Although it can also be changed, and it will look natural. One “but”: if your vision is worse than -6, there is a tendency to allergies and dry eyes, the colored lenses are no longer suitable. But, I confess, I bought myself a couple for special occasions.

Conclusion: Colored contact lenses for vision – when there are no strong problems and for wearing no longer than 6-8 hours.

Determined with preferences? And now forward to the ophthalmologist: only you can pick up the correct form of the lens, the manufacturer and will offer several options for the test drive.

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