What foods are best eaten raw and cooked them?

It’s been a while coming asking me about which foods are best eaten raw and which are more beneficial when cooked. Since it is something that apparently interested in a great number of people, rather than go answering the same one by one, I think it would be more interesting to write a post and resolve all doubts and single bump.

Foods that are more beneficial cooked

This category includes carrots, potatoes (more than obvious …), tomatoes and asparagus and spinach, mushrooms.

Carrots: Carrots contain lots of beta-carotene, which is then transformed in our body into vitamin A. Unfortunately only we will benefit from all of the vitamin A if cooked prior to the vegetable.


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Tomato: The tomato is rich in vitamins. But if we make the most of its antioxidant star; The Lycopene. We consume cooked tomato. That is, in the form of tomato sauce, stews, broths, etc. Well, actually I advise you to eat as much raw as cooked. So you benefit from the antioxidants that are lost during cooking, polyphenols and vitamin C for example, and those who are perishing raw, as already mentioned lycopene.

Spinach: There are more nutritious cooked. Thus iron, calcium and magnesium is better absorbed, helping to strengthen our musculoskeletal system and prevention of diseases such as iron deficiency anemia.

Tips: Instead of boiling them, make them sauted or steamed. This not loses the minerals in the water.

Asparagus: When the studs are subjected to a cooking process, the absorption of a very important antioxidant capable of neutralizing the action of free radicals is provided; Ferulic acid.

Mushrooms: When you cook the mushroom releases greater amount of potassium, a mineral important for our muscles and heart.

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Foods are best eaten raw

Here they enter all fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, watercress, onion, garlic and red pepper.

Fruits: Fruits to keep all their vitamins, especially vitamin C, should not undergo cooking processes. If this happens, the vitamin C is destroyed.

Broccoli and watercress: When these two vegetables cook, an enzyme responsible for producing the hydrolysis of glucosinolates in order to free some very important compounds for preventing various types of cancer diseases is lost.

Garlic: When cooking garlic, allicin, responsible for different medicinal effects of garlic is destroyed.

Onion: The onion more of the same. If subjected to elevated temperatures, certain enzymes that protect our digestive system are inactivated. It also loses a substance called glucoquinine, whose effect is similar to that of insulin, regulating blood glucose.

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