Teaching Your Kids About Healthy Hygiene Practices During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered almost every part of normal life. Children and adults alike have had to make some serious changes, and getting out of the normal routine can be difficult for some kids. It is important to teach them about healthy hygiene practices, though, so that they can continue to thrive and live a healthy, happy life.


Children must understand why it is important to maintain germ-free hands. Because kids learn by example, you need to wash your hands frequently in front of them. Praise them when they wash their hands without being asked after using the restroom or before eating. Reinforcing this positive behavior is essential in making it stick.

Social Distancing

It can be hard for children to understand why they must stay six feet away from everyone except close family members. Instead of reprimanding them every time they get too close to someone, consider making it a fun game. Tell them they need to stay an alligator’s length away from everyone. They will associate the social distancing with a game, and it will be easier to implement.

Reporting Symptoms of Sickness

While sickness in children is often noticeable, they may feel ill without showing outward symptoms. Reinforce that they should tell you when they do not feel well so that you can see what the problem is. Make sure that you do not overplay this too much, though, as they may say they feel bad just to get out of chores!

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult on everyone involved, and children have felt the weight of this burden as well. However, when you take these steps to keep your children healthy and happy, you can know that you have done your part. Commit today to having this important conversation with your children.

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