Concealed Carry Vest Care Tips

Buying a concealed carry vest can be a great investment if you like to keep your gun on you at all times. Of course, like any other item of clothing, it needs to be washed and cleaned. However, there may be special instructions to pay attention to. Below are some helpful tips for making sure your concealed carry vest stays clean.

Read the Instructions

Just like any other piece of clothing you would buy, a concealed weapon vest will likely have a tag on it that has specific washing instructions. While these tags are often ignored on casual pieces of clothing, it’s best to pay attention to them with these vests.

Usually, it is the material of the vest that will determine how it needs to be washed. If your vest is made out of leather, it should not go through the wash like a vest made of polyester might. Keep this in mind, as washing the vest the wrong way can ruin it.

Use Spot Treatments

If you spill something on your vest but it’s not dirty or smelly enough to bother with a complete wash, then try to use spot treatments. Often times, you can simply use dish soap or baby wipes to clean up little messes. These options are also delicate enough that they can be used on both leather and cloth vests.

Hang to Dry

If you cannot find drying instructions, it’s best to simply hang your vest up to dry. Sometimes, dryers can be too rough on clothing, including concealed carry vests. For this reason, just hang up your vest on a clothesline. If you do not have a clothesline, even hanging the cleaned vest on the back of a chair or something similar is must safer than risking throwing it in the dryer.

The next time you buy a concealed carry vest, remember these care instructions. Doing these simple things can help to keep your vest durable for years to come.

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