How to Honor Your Loved Ones Without a Designated Plan

The passing of a loved one can be an incredibly tough time on the loved ones. This time is often fraught with emotions and a rollercoaster of feelings. When you are managing without designated plans from the deceased, it can be even more difficult to know what to do. Don’t let this time overtake you with stress, and consider these tips on how you can best honor your loved ones.


If you are unsure of what the deceased’s preference would be, you will likely be one of the deciding parties to make this decision. Whether you choose to burial or full-service cremations Brooklyn NY, consider what your family prefers and how you can go about best honoring their memory. Whether you have explicit instructions or not, you are likely to come to the decision that the deceased would have preferred if you take time to reflect.


Managing the passing of a loved one is tragic in even the most predictable circumstances. Even if this was a long time coming, it will still be devastating, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, consider using a checklist to help you manage all of the moving parts.


Death is a terribly difficult thing to process and we all handle it differently. While we all process this differently, you need to give yourself time to grieve your loss. Don’t give yourself expectations, and instead take the grieving process as it happens, giving yourself grace, time and space to process everything.

Ceremony and Memorials

Ceremonies and memorials are highly personal decisions. Even if you are struggling due to a lack of specific plans, think of your loved and their life to imagine what the deceased would have wanted. Regardless of how you approach this, keep in mind that this may bring up feelings for you and you need to give yourself time.

Grieving is an incredibly personal experience. However you process these events, know that even without specific plans from the deceased, you know them well enough that you can help use their life and your relationship to inform these decisions.

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