Star Pubs and Bars’ ground-breaking kitchen fixtures and fittings policy

This year, Star Pubs and Bars is sinking 1.6 million into kitchen fittings and fixtures, to help licensees conserve capital and boost cash flow. This is part of a revolutionary policy to fund expensive items such as grills, fixtures and ovens for premises in the firms empire.

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Since 2015, the Star programme has already benefitted more than 150 licensees, with investments of 2.7 million on improving fixtures and fittings in Star pub kitchens. An additional 1.8 million was also spent on building works, compliance issues and improved services at the same establishments.

Food, glorious food

The programme is part of a strategy to help Star pubs boost their food offerings, and make it easier for operators to develop more revenue from offering high quality meals. As a result, around 70 per cent of Star pubs now serve food, which is the highest proportion of the national leased operators.

Turnover derived from food sales has risen significantly. Last year, food revenue increased by 6 per cent to 31 per cent of Star sales, around 8 per cent more than the industry average. Good food can turn a pubs fortunes around, as seen in this report from The Guardian.

Great equipment

Matt Dyson, Stars business support leader, said the company wanted to support pub operators by giving them practical items to help them become more successful. This took the form of high quality, durable kitchen equipment, such as commercial microwave ovens, dishwashers and hobs that could cater for large volumes.

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The Star plan appears to be working, as their pubs serve up greater success. The group is committed to making long-term investments in robust, energy efficient equipment that will serve kitchens, operators and customers for many years to come. Star wants its pub kitchens to have the best equipment, to ensure that operators have the infrastructure that enables their businesses to keep growing. In turn, this helps Star pubs remain competitive, with a sustainable business model that assists their licensees to get better returns on their hard work.

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