Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts

When a friend has endured a loss in the family, provide your support along with a gift that will help during this difficult time. Although you won’t be able to ease his suffering, you may be able to bring a smile to his face or evoke a happy memory of the departed.

Kitchen Help

During the difficult and hectic time of planning the funeral service, burial and other memorials, your friend may have little time to take care of himself. Compile an assortment of food gift baskets that he can use during his busiest days or when he’s not in the mood to prepare an elaborate meal. The kits can range from versions featuring snacks like candy, cheeses, crackers and fruit to others that include the basic ingredients, tools and recipes to make a simple meals.

Remembrance Album

Help the bereaved remember the good times by creating an album featuring photos and memories of the deceased. You can even create a journal of sorts by including pictures on the pages but leaving blank spots where your friend can add his own journaling. You can also gift the family a selection of supplies such as cardstock, adhesives, basic accents and page protectors so they can create a scrapbook themselves when they feel ready.

Memorial Stone

Let your friend know how much his family member meant to you with an inscribed stone marker that he can display in his yard or on the fireplace mantle. The small memorials can include a quote, song lyric, poem or personal tidbit about the deceased.

Coping with a death in the family can be stressful, traumatic and heartbreaking. Offer your friend a kind gesture as he comes to term with his loss to let him know that you’ll always be available if he needs a shoulder to lean on.

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