How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes

What you wear when you work out is second only in importance to what you do when you work out. Why? Because if you aren’t wearing things that are comfortable or look good, they’ll just be another reason you skip going to the gym. That said, picking the clothes that are best for you isn’t that easy when you consider the infinite options available. Here’s a quick guide to get you on the right track to your perfect workout wardrobe.

Feel Good

The first thing to consider is what’s most comfortable for you when you’re active. For some people that means snug leggings and tops, and for others that could mean baggy shorts and sweatpants. If you’re always shivering no matter what temperature it is inside or out, choose sweats or other pieces that’ll help you increase your body heat. The fabric’s an important part of comfort, too. Synthetics like Lycra or polyester blends are great at keeping drawing moisture off your skin, which prevents rashes or other irritations.

Spend Good

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get good workout stuff, and you kind of shouldn’t when you consider that these are clothes that will wear out quickly if you’re big on exercise. Hitting up discount stores like Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack will go easy on your wallet and offer you lots of good quality style options. That said if you have the money to burn, go for it. Brands like Lululemon or Under Armor are pricey, but very, very good quality. Do your research, read reviews and find the brand that best suits you. Most likely there are options to fit whatever budget you have, so some online research regarding the best bang for your particular buck will go a long way toward helping you pick the right stuff.

Look Good

When you look good, you feel good, even at the gym. Just because you’re in an informal environment, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look. There are so many opportunities to insert a little bit of your personal style into your workout clothes, so go for it. Wear loud prints you like, coordinate your tops and bottoms, if you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, you can find tons of things that will cover whatever you don’t want to see. Being able to smile when you look in the mirror as you lift weights (wear a yall need science shirt and just see if you don’t grin every time you see it) will go a long way toward making you actually like going to the gym. And if you like going to the gym, you’re far more apt to go.


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