What happens on moving day?

As if the whole process of buying a home wasn’t stressful enough there is the moving day. So you might think that you’d feel some sense of relief that you have successfully negotiated the hurdles of a mortgage application, the survey and the legal process. So if you used Conveyancing Solicitors London based company Sam Conveyancing, then that part should have been straightforward. Now is the last part, and it can be a more direct source of stress if you haven’t got everything ready. So here are a few things you might need to do to relive it.

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  1. Pack and label everything. If you‘ve been able to use a removal company or do it yourself with Friends and families help, this will speed things up. They will know where to go and put things when they get to the new home.
  2. Hire a removal firm if you can then do this. It will make life one hundred per cent easier. Many mortgage advisors ask you at the start of the application if you’ve allocated any funds towards it.
  3. Take yourself out of the equation entirely. This wouldn’t be an option for those who like to see that everything is going how they want it to, but perhaps leaving it to the professionals and just going to a Spa or the seaside for the day might be better.

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All that happens is that the keys are exchanged, and you can move in. So it’s a good idea to not do this on the same day. Exchange the keys, get a good look around the place and take some time to plan.

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