Discover the benefits of sustained exercises

If you want to enjoy a healthy life you have to move your body to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise. When we practice any physical activity, we are involving both body and mind, which will bring positive consequences for your entire body. A good method is to perform sustained exercises.

What is sustained exercise?

Sustained exercise or sustained cardio is an alternative both for those who enjoy the meditative aspect of slow and extended exercise, as well as for those who wish to work on their physical endurance.

sustained exercises

The amounts of calories burned that is reached in this type of exercise do not come close to those of the intervallic training. However, this type of exercise brings cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, along with the release of stress.

It is a false myth to think that running or exercising slowly for long periods of time can be harmful to the knees and other joints. In fact, it is recommended for people with a healthy weight. In short, this type of exercise will strengthen your joints, especially the knees.

This technique is ideal for beginners who want to incorporate daily exercise into their life. Once we adapt to this lifestyle, it is best to add some interval exercises to the weekly routines in order to achieve better results. In addition, in this way, the benefits will be more lasting in the long term.

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The physical resistance exercises

Sustained resistance exercises are those that stimulate the body’s capacity for physical endurance in the face of sustained effort. This is achieved both with aerobic or anaerobic efforts and with local or full-body efforts.

On the one hand, it is called aerobic resistance to one that maximizes the respiration and oxygenation rhythms of the body. This allows physical efforts for a long time. Through its exercise, the capacities of the respiratory and cardiovascular system are enlarged.

On the other hand, anaerobic resistance is what occurs in the absence of oxygen supplied to muscle tissue. This is achieved by high-intensity efforts and in intervals of less than three minutes.

benefits of sustained exercises

Within the anaerobic resistance, we can find two types of sustained exercises:

Allactic resistance: this type of resistance is exercised through intense efforts of low duration, up to 15 seconds, and with almost no oxygen. Through them, energy substrates are obtained that do not generate waste.

Lactic resistance: these other exercises are practiced by low-intensity efforts, from 15 seconds to two minutes. They use energy reserves that produce waste substances. This results in much faster fatigue.

Types of sustained exercises

As an example, we show you some sustained exercises that you can practice to increase the physical capacity of the body:

Irons: one of the most famous sustained exercises. The plates are the best substitute for the typical abdominal exercise, and it allows us to work also the glutes and the back.

Abdominals in ‘V’: this is another of the most common types of sustained exercises. In addition, it will allow us to mark the abdomen well. It will be enough to raise the legs well stretched from the ground while we take off the back until touching our feet with our hands.

Isometric squats: this exercise, although it may seem simple, allows us to work the whole body. We just have to stand with our backs against a wall and making a 90 angle with our knees.

sustained exercises

Exercise of the Superman: as with isometric squats, this is another type of sustained exercises that may seem simple but allows us to work several muscles at once. To do this, we must place ourselves face down on a mat. We stretch our legs and arms above the head, and we take off our legs and arms emulating the superhero’s pose.

Lunges: this exercise in the form of stride is very suitable for working the thighs and glutes. We will only have to take a step forward and bend the knees while lowering the body as much as possible.

Lateral iron: finally, this is one of the most complicated sustained exercises. It will only take practice and some balance since we must stand on our side, supported on an elbow and with our legs stretched out. After this, we will hold the posture for several seconds.

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