10 things that we use everyday but harmful to our health

Thanks to developments in science are more and more informed about the products and contraindications of daily practices. Then, we do not always influenced by the side effects, but to know what can be harmful to our health can sensitize us to take a more moderate use.

There are products that can improve our health, while others may actually have the opposite effect, especially if used incorrectly.

Personal hygiene is often crucial the use of inappropriate products can damage our pH, the acidity of our skin, triggering allergies and skin problems sometimes serious.


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1. Cloth for the shower

The idea of using a sponge to inspirational makes us feel pampered, it is a soft object with which we can massage and take care of our bodies during the shower. Too bad, that the object is as comfortable a hotbed of bacteria, mold and mildew.

It is not recommended especially if we wound, although small they are, why use the towel to shower it increases the risk of infection. If you make the effort to change habits and throw in the towel.

But if you cannot help it, there are always the sponges made from natural fibers with enzymes that control the growth of bacteria. Anyway, it’s very important to wring the towel after each shower and try to keep it in a cool, dry place, in the end, it would be best to change it every month.

2. Dehumidifier

Considered an important tool for treating asthma, allergies or a cold, it is equally important to know that if it is not washed and dried well, the dehumidifier can turn into an enemy to our health. After each use is in fact recommended to ensure that, there are no water waste because it will form mold and bacteria.

The abuse is harmful because, an expert in allergies, breathing air that is too moist can transform your home into a breeding ground for dust mites and would be a real problem if you suffer from allergies.

3. Cotton Swab

After washing the face, many, use cotton swabs to clean your ears. But be careful, because the wax is used to protect the inner ear from dust and other pathogens.

This does not mean that we have to wait to have excessively dirty ears, but to remove the wax simply clean the outer part of the ear with a towel. The problem is that when we use cotton buds risk not control the strength and depth to where we push the sticks and this can be dangerous because you could touch the ear canal and even remove earwax that protects your eardrums.

4. Anti-bacterial soap

Until 2009, we had not heard, then, there has been proposed this gel that can remove any bacterial form by the body after the epidemic of influenza type A. Its task is to kill the germs we touch without realizing account throughout the day.

A denial function from research conducted by the University and Elaine Larson, published in the US National Library of Medicine, observed the bacterial level of the homes of families who in the past decade have consistently used this product and those that have never used. The families who did not use the soap did not have a greater predisposition to perceive infectious diseases.

Never mind the complications: wash your hands with soap and water for at least a couple of minutes and rub well.

5. Blender

You’re thinking about what’s wrong in an ordinary blender, especially if you wash and dry the container well and blades.

According to a report in 2013 from Organization for Health and Safety of Consumer Products, NSF, blenders is the third object dirtiest kitchens.

What attracts our attention should be the ring that serves to hold the blade in place and, by doing so, it accumulates germs and bacteria and may even lead to salmonella. The board of the NSF is to disassemble the blender, remove the blade and the rubber seal to wash it carefully. Yes, every time you use it.

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6. Tools for manicure

Many bacteria live on the skin, so when we open the drawer and take the cut cuticle, the nail file or pumice stone to order the nails of the hands or feet, we are transferring the bacteria contained in the instruments to our skin. If not properly cleaned, they will be increasingly contagious and manicures could become a problem.

7. Rubber Scoop

One instrument so popular in kitchens, mostly used by those who love sweets. Always according to the NSF report, the rubber tool is the first object dirtiest of the kitchen. As for the blender blades, if not properly cleaned, the rubber blade can become a den of germs.

8. Soft Toys

Warm, tender, soft, idolater, in the shape of animal or child, has been present in childhood of each of us. If then, remember to have been children who are often ill, the responsibility of those could be just adorable stuffed animals from which were inseparable.

“The stuffed animals are a magnet for dust mites and dust,” said Dr. Wolbert explaining that these allergens are responsible for the greatest allergies that manifest themselves through sneezing, runny mucus from the nose, from the user’s red and itchy eyes. As you can imagine the childhood of their children without an adorable stuffed animals, you can always put it in the refrigerator: the cold kills the mites.

9. Whitening Toothpaste

Who has not received a bleaching treatment for their teeth because they are too expensive, will probably have bought toothpastes that promise whiter teeth in a few weeks.

The white and shiny teeth are a must-have fashion and we rely on advertising promises just to be in step with the times. The grainy pasta they are made toothpastes, yes it needs to remove the stains on our teeth, but at the same time removes the enamel that protects them.

Use it can be a good solution but it is advised a moderate use and not constant.

10. The chairs

Stay seated too long brings back injuries and joint problems, it also increases the risk of heart damage and susceptibility to obesity. It is difficult to change sedentary habits but also small things like, avoid taking public transportation, avoid the elevator and, more generally, moving every time you have the chance, it is important to protect our health.

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