5 Floors for relaxing infusions

Nature offers these five medicinal plants that help us find the emotional and spiritual balance to stressful or painful situations.

5 soothing teas that will help you stay calm

Man is given schizoid create situations that lead to psychic pain while nature takes care of plants help to alleviate this suffering. So today, we bring five herbs that serve for mild and very specific psychological disorders.

Of course, not need to be very thorough, is not the same shock treatment by a strong and timely disgust that a medicinal proposal for a person prone to sadness for whatever reason.

So I leave here with 5 floors with which you can prepare a relaxing tea for a specific ailments.


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St. Johns wort for depression and sadness

Of all the relaxing infusions that traditional apothecary designated as effective, highlights the Wort Hypericum perforatum L. Tremendously popular in the nineteenth century to combat migraines, anxiety and processes that occur with anger, it is one of most plants tested for psychological disorders. The hiperecina, one of its components, acts by inducing sleep, but also for calm and relaxation. It has been studied from a scientific point of view that has endorsed the benefits described by the traditional pharmacopoeia. It is best taken at night and / or mid-morning.

Poppy for anxiety

If you are looking for relaxing infusions effective, then you have to resort to this native California plant with the scientific name Eschscholzia California. It belongs to the group of hypnotics and therefore exerts a powerful sedative that induces sleep, but also calm anxiety states accused coursing with nervousness. Sedative action reaches the unconscious level mitigating the recurring nightmares that become when there are serious problems. While relaxing infusions may be prepared with California poppy for children, for their zero dependence, it is better than before you consult your pediatrician. The effects of this plant are also quite powerful.

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Valerian for insomnia

Soothing tea with valerian L. ofiicinalis are softer and more poppy recommended that children, elderly and sick people. Also known as catnip, its active ingredients reside in the root.

It is very commonly found in herbal tea bags to prepare. It helps restore joy and lost concentration states continued stress, to sleep, to control anxiety about the future and emotionality by emotional deprivation. It is also a good ally if you are quitting.

Hawthorn for stress and labor tensions

Contemporary society is creating work environments with extremely ruthless fierce competition and extraordinary demands. Almost no human being is able to adapt to this level of aggressiveness and emotional disorders come here every kind, which become very serious diseases like cancer or heart attacks.

Of all the relaxing teas that have left you in the story, hawthorn or Crataegus monogyna L. Is the best ally to eliminate stress from hostile environments? Its therapeutic values were known in ancient Greece where the plant is placed in the cradles of babies to protect them and make them strong. This medicinal herb is also used to control heart rhythm in people with coronary disorders and palpitations associated with situations of extreme nervousness.

Hops for decay

Is present in the medical-botanical volumes of Arab scholars of the tenth century with the scientific name of plant Humulus lupulus L. is also used to make beer.

Recent scientific studies have endorsed its soothing properties when taken in capsules or by relaxing infusions. It is a great ally of menopausal women because it helps soothe irritability, melancholy and moodiness by falling estrogen. It is also perfect for sleep.

Anymore …?

And we cannot forget a classic such as linden, without side effects, and so effective that itis suitable even for infants and children.

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