How to combat fatigue in pregnancy

Physical exhaustion accompanies pregnant women during the nine months. For this reason, pregnant women often hear the following question: “What can I do to combat fatigue in pregnancy?”

From the beginning of pregnancy, the woman’s organism makes a great effort to adapt to certain changes. These serve to give life to another being within your body.

Suggestions to combat fatigue in pregnancy


Practicing soft physical exercises, low impact or taking a walk in the morning will help you exercise your entire body. It also promotes flexibility, weight control and reduces fatigue during pregnancy.

combat fatigue in pregnancy

You should start with stretching and warm-ups, and then perform the recommended exercises for pregnant women.

There are many exercises you can do alone or with the help of an instructor: cardiovascular exercises such as walking, swimming, low impact aerobics, dancing and running.

To promote flexibility, yoga or tai chi are recommended, among others.

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Balanced diet to combat fatigue in pregnancy

The feeding during this stage is fundamental for the good development of the baby. It is also important for the mother, especially if you are constantly exhausted. You should know that this type of weaknesses, in many cases, are due to iron deficiency anemia. The lack of iron is very frequent at this stage.

fatigue in pregnancy

It is advisable to consume foods rich in iron such as meats, cereals or legumes, among others. Also, it is suggested to accompany them with others rich in vitamin C so that the body has a better absorption.

However, you can also consult a specialist before starting this type of diet. Thus, through laboratory tests you can get a more accurate diagnosis, in case it is necessary to medicate to strengthen the diet.

Avoid the consumption of beverages that contain caffeine, as this inhibits the absorption of iron in the body. Remember that hydration is part of a balanced diet, so you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Take a bath

A more common and easy way to relax and mitigate exhaustion is to take a shower with hot water. In turn, place essences or aromatic flowers is ideal. They are recommended in the morning hours, preferably when getting up, and also at night, before going to bed.

combat fatigue in pregnancy

Ask your partner to give you a soft massage during the bath, since they are favorable to combat fatigue in pregnancy. They also help strengthen the bonds of love between the couple and the new member of the family.

Sleep the recommended hours

In case the tiredness is the product of insomnia you can consume foods containing tryptophan, preferably after dinner, as this favors sleep. Pregnant women find it hard to fall asleep. However, the most important advice for a pregnant woman is that she must sleep as much as necessary during this stage.

fatigue in pregnancy

The recommended thing is eight during the night and one hour during the day. In this daytime, although you can not sleep, you should lie down and rest.

At night, before going to bed, choose the best position, especially from the last quarter, in which the belly will have grown a lot.

Help yourself with pillows: placing them between the knees, lumbar, hips and back will facilitate a comfortable position to sleep.


Finally, it is recommended to combine these options so you have better results. Also, it is essential to have the opinion of a specialist to authorize the diets and exercises.

Remember that a healthy mother is the most important thing. If you are constantly exhausted, you will not be able to enjoy this beautiful stage of gestation. And, after childbirth, you will be very weak and recovery will be very slow. We must bear in mind that caring for a newborn requires a lot of energy!

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