Pre-wedding beauty treatments, those who can not miss

Who said it was easy to prepare a wedding? The pre-wedding months are a source of stress for any bride. Generally, unless you count with the help of a wedding planner, there are many details to prepare and coordinate and there is little time for it. All this could happen bill and therefore it is important that in your planning, reserves a special section to take care of and submit to certain treatments to help you look perfect on your big day. We tell you which ones you cannot miss!

Wedding Care

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Moisturizing the skin

It’s something you have to consider very soon, since the ideal is to start several months before the wedding. If you are the type who does not normally use creams, this may be a good time to start doing it. Both your face as the rest of your body will look much fresher and healthier if you start to hydrate with time. In the case of the face, also good hydration contributes to better set the makeup.

Skin cleansing

It is one of the essential but you should not leave for less than a month before the wedding because you may be leaving some marks or abrasions on subsequent days, especially if your skin is sensitive and you’re not used to this type of treatment. The result is worth it a much cleaner and flawless face.

Dental cleaning

Another essential for brides… Do not forget that the smile will be the “accessory” that more will accompany you on your wedding day and that means that your teeth should be as possible to look perfect in the pictures care. Our advice, again, do not wait for the last days to do it, because the technique used can create some sensitivity in the hours. You do not want this treatment you from enjoying the treat!

Clean hair

If you normally apply baths keratin, if you have dyed hair and the roots begin to make your appearance or if the tips are open a few weeks before the wedding is a good time to go to the hairdresser for a tune. Of course, no makeover last minute. The day of your wedding is not a good time to see and experience different, but to play it safe.

Relax in a spa

It may not sound like this section must a priori. However, a good cure of relaxation at a spa, at a spa or even better in a charming accommodation with a spa, not only will help you cope with more desire the latest batch of preparations, but to reduce your stress levels will make you to look much healthier facing the big day.

Hair removal

Of course, it is imperative. Do not forget to make an appointment at your center waxing aesthetic or three days before the wedding (and avoid the skin irritation is still present on the big day). This way you’ll not only look perfect on the big day and the wedding night, but in the honeymoon.

Sun tanning

If the wedding is in summer, it is normal to want to have some color. Our advice is to run from UVA booths and bet on sun naturally and sparingly. Remember not to expose to the sun with shirts and necklines that may leave marks that look after your dress. And if gambling finally the tanning sessions, always goes to specialized centers and accredited professionals, it is the best way to avoid injuries and contingencies. Do not want to risk your skin is not perfect on your big day!

Hair and makeup tests

Amazing! As much as you think your hairdresser or your makeup are trustworthy and that you are clear about what you want for your wedding hair and makeup, it is essential to try before you decide. Many times, the effect is not the same as you imagined and may you ever thought was right for you, not be so when you see it since. Nothing better to be sure to hit that first pass through these tests, on the other hand, are usually included within the budgets hair and makeup for brides.

Manicure and pedicure

Fundamentally our advice is doing you the same day or the day before the wedding. Thus, whatever the style you’ve chosen for your nails, you will ensure they arrive intact to the big day. The pedicure is especially important if you take peep toes open or if the wedding is in summer and light sandals.

Now that you know what treatments you cannot forget in the months and days leading up to your wedding are, it is just point them in your calendar and take place step by step before your link. They are your best allies to look truly radiant on your big day!

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