9 daily habits that could damage your ears

Did you know that excessive drinking can cause damage to the central auditory cortex of the brain and lead to a reduction in brain volume?

Hearing plays a fundamental role in our life and it is hard to think what would become of us if we had not. With this feature of our body we can enjoy all the sounds that are emitted into the environment, we communicate and generally perform many everyday activities.

Causes of Damage your Ear

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However, as with other parts of the body, there are many risks that are damaged, either by age, by genetic factors or by being careless with certain habits that directly affect their health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide there are over 360 million people with hearing loss; however, they also warn that more than half of the cases could have been prevented by simply avoiding certain things that can lead to deafness. This time will reveal these nine everyday habits that can generate some kind of hearing damage. Check them out!

1. Smoking

This bad habit is not only the leading cause of lung cancer and throat, but also a potential hearing of many medium- and long-term causes. This was revealed a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in which it was found that smokers are up to 70% chance of hearing loss. This damage increases with the intensity and duration of exposure to toxic bouncing cigarette smoke.

2. Use a hair dryer

Although this device seems harmless and is very useful for styling hair, the noise emitted could, in the long term, cause damage to the ears. Knowing this, before using it is better to use some kind of cap that serves as protector of this noise.

3. Listening to music at high volume

Many people love to listen to loud music. That noise directly affects hearing, especially when it comes from hearing aids. According to a research from the University of Leicester (UK), this deterioration occurs because some changes in the lining of the auditory nerve are generated that carries signals from the ear to the brain.

4. Exposure to traffic noise

Although for many seems inevitable, exposure to traffic noise is also a risk of hearing damage. Decibels traffic, especially when there are jams, generated a negative impact in the ear canals. Therefore, it is advisable to listen to music at low volume or acquire a protective earmuffs as those sold in stores orthopedics.

5. Improper use of Q-tips

Many people consider cotton swabs are the best element to remove the wax that accumulates in the ears. The truth is that they may push the wax into or, in the worst case, can cause a rupture of the tympanic membrane and cause deafness.

6. Excessive use of certain drugs

Excessive consumption of drugs not only creates problems in the intestines and nervous system, but also has a negative influence on hearing health. According to the WHO the inner ear can wear from frequent use of antibiotics and antiparticles, and even drugs to treat cancer.

7. Drinking alcoholic beverages

The drinking too much can lead to damage to the central auditory cortex of the brain, causing brain shrinkage. This means that, to deteriorate the brain, also damaged the nerves responsible for perceiving sounds.

8. Obesity

Those with a BMI above normal have up to a 17% increased risk of developing a hearing problem in the future.

9. Speaking in a tone of voice high

The noise that occurs in a group conversation can reach up to 50 dB, that is, higher than appropriate for the health of the ear.

It is important to moderate the tone of voice and educate the little ones to learn to speak softer. Avoid all these habits is the best way to avoid running the risks of hearing damage.While at the time none of this seems to generate evil, the truth is that the deterioration begins to feel the passage of time. Take Care!

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