Purifying teas to get a bearable digestion

This time we offer one of themost effective ways to get a good digestion the end of the day cleansing teas.We could say that with this infusion get more energy.

The most common of our routine is thatwe always take timeto throughout the day to do everything we want and sometimes we havea feeling of being exhausted at the end of the dayand just do not have energy.Clearly, a day has the hours you have and cannot get more time from him but the most ancient traditions associated with natural herbs offer a number of remedies to increase our vitality and a way of doing this is to improve our digestion cleansing infusions.

Purifying teas

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The body uses large quantities of energy to digest the food we eat.Therefore, usually after eating much, we feel swollen and eager to sleep.In these cases, the body is using large amounts of energy so we do not have much more to do other things.

When we slow digestion or not properly digest food, not only will we feel more tired if we do that over timewe will be more likely to have more ailments in general.For example, different allergies, arthritis or nutritional deficiencies precisely because we do not digest well everything we eat.To improve the functioning of our digestion we arecreating a general welfare in the bodythanks to which we will feel much more energy and vitality.

A cleansing herbal infusions useful to take after meals, is based onherbs carminative, i.e. increase the flow of oxygen in the digestive tract helping to improve the digestion process.It consists offennel and coriander seeds, both carminative properties.Such properties are in some medicines, especially those for removing the gases resulting in digestion.

This infusion cleansing, therefore, consists of carminative herbs such as would fennel and coriander seeds we can find at any herbalist and even in the spice section of the supermarket.

Taking this type of cleansing tea after mealshelps considerably to digestand in this case, this tea is easy to prepare and also has a pleasant taste.

Large meals aresynonymous quintessential to the special days we suggest that after lunch or dinner, bear out this infusion to end that bloating and strive together to digest food.

Ingredients fortea digestive and carminative

For two cups…


  • 1 tablespoon fennel seeds
  • 1 tablespoon coriander seed


Enter the seeds in a saucepan, cover with two cups of water.Bring to boil, with the covered saucepan.Let stand about 15 minutes infusion. Serve casting seeds.

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