Beauty tips to look thinner and thinner face

Do you know that a large bushy eyebrow can help you get a thinner face? It’s not about not pluck. What we must do is properly superficial.

We are many we have a rather little round face, striking cheeks wish to hide. How to get a thinner face without having to suffer and effortless? With simple beauty tips that will pick you up very well. We invite you to discover them.

1. The best hairstyle for a thinner face

To look thinner face would be desirable that we avoided the hair curly or wavy. Falling on our face to score even more spacious factions, so better try to always wear it straight or staggered. The best advice is to tune straight hair and cheeks if you usually always have it curly, try the waves are as mild as possible.

Look thinner

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Also prevents long is up to the jaw. Best longer or even shorter, but never at this point, because it makes the jaw is wider. Ideally, the cut is above the chin to eyes go to our cheeks getting a softer effect, a thinner face.

And what about the bangs? The Short, long, with bangs or no bangs? In this case the most flattering is the side bangs and asymmetrical, as it is in the picture above. With this cut, dissimulators resplendence and soften the factions. You will see how well you have left. As a last tip also it tells you what you do best streak aside, never in the middle, if we divide it into two parts face hardens.

2. The best makeup for a thinner face

1. Soft colors on the lips

It is the best. You may be passionate about strong colors, and those red so flattering, but it’s best to choose soft to smooth shades the face, avoiding the jaw does not appear very hard and that the balance of the face more uniform display. If you choose pink tones or nude pretty, mouth looks more elongated and achieve a balance to draw a very nice thin face. Remember, the glosses are great, pinks and nudes.

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2. The right blush on the cheeks

Do you often use blusher? If so great, they are a great partner for us. In this case it would be perfect to use a bronzer that brings us light and shades on the cheeks. It uses a brush diagonally from the center of the chin to the hairline, a line that ends in the highest part of our face, almost at the corners of the forehead. Always look for a diagonal line and never straight, as this light draws rouges finer and never square face.

They are very suitable tones that give light, do not turn the dark shades, maybe a radiant and luminous blush or one of these blushers which give a tan effect. You’ll be fine.

3. What are the most appropriate shadows?

You know that there is a golden rule. If you makeup much your eyes dispenses use a strong color on the lips. And if you choose a strong color for your mouth, your eyes makeup should be very soft. So if in our case is better not to use high tones in the mouth, we’ll play much with our eyes and with shadows. Use mascara, eyeliner, kohl nice that tribe your eyes will be perfect for all the light in our eyes focus on the top and not the bottom of the face. Choose those colors that best suit the color of your eyes, using shadows that get light and attractive.

4. Can eyebrows help to create a thin face?

Of course they can help a lot. You know they are fashionable lately eyebrows large and showy, and in case you want to get a thinner face will also be our allies. But quiet, it is not at all to leave the natural without ever pluck the contrary, what we do is superficial properly but are getting broad line ending in a finite at its end towards the front. And thereby we give a lovely frame our eyes shine more and, as always, offer full attention to the upper face.

With a higher chin or longer this part stepped hair with bangs aside and lank, we will certainly a lot smoother. Image Meanwhile, to lower the volume of the cheeks a little is always advisable to follow a diet low fat where we remove the salt, as this retain liquid and the face looks more bloated. With proper nutrition and these simple inexpensive and easy tips, you’ll see as you look more attractive.

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