7 Tips to control the annoying frizz

Bored with comb your hair, and the hair fluffy you like? If so, this is for you. Yes, because then we’ll show you six tips to master the annoying frizz your hair.

1) The conditioner is essential

Electricity in your hair is caused by lack of hydration and nutrition. Therefore, the recommendation is to use balm in each wash. Apply from the medium length to ends, never in the roots. You will see that well hydrated and moisturized, your hair will look much smoother and brighter.

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2) Apply special rinses

They are excellent tricks to avoid frizz. Just change your final rinse by one special. You can try one of sparkling mineral water or one of vinegar (half water, half vinegar apple). Your hair will look and feel much healthier.

3) Do not rub your hair dry

Rub your hair with the towel only worsens the frizz; so try to avoid it. The recommendation is to dry it, ideally with a cotton cloth like an old shirt, removing excess water by hand, and then pretest with the cloth. You’ll notice the difference.

4) Use thermal protector

The dryer or hair iron swell, so if you cannot avoid its use; seeks to apply a heat shield that minimizes the damage. Just apply a little on the tips before using heat, and presto! Smoother and silky hair.

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5) Use oils

They are great allies against frizz. Apply a little oil after combing, and will have a much more manageable and hair away from electricity.

6) Cut the ends

By doing your hair will be healthier and hydrated; so the foam is gone. Dare!

7) Become bows to sleep

One of the most practical ways to avoid frizz, is taking your hair. You do not need to make big hair; just a tomato or a braid before going to bed, so that you avoid rubbing your hair and have fewer frizzes.

And you, do you have another tip to control the frizz?

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