Why Parents Choose Montessori Schools

Parents who want to encourage their children’s’ independent thinking and love for learning often turn to schools that promote the Montessori philosophy Redmond WA for the following reasons.

They Want To Empower Their Children

Montessori classrooms encourage children to learn at their own pace by presenting opportunities for them to develop and build upon specific skill sets at their own pace. Children learn to problem-solve by relying upon various senses and intuitively progress through multiple stages of learning. Montessori educators guide the process, but the children determine how they advance, unlike traditional classrooms where teachers determine curriculums that children must follow simultaneously.  

They Want Their Children To Develop Social Skills

The Montessori method considers the degree to which children interact with others at various developmental stages for teaching them age-appropriate social skills. Classrooms bring together children of different ages who learn from each other and cooperate to achieve common goals. In addition to encouraging polite and courteous behavior, Montessori programs teach children to value each other’s feelings and express themselves respectfully and courteously with peers and adults. These skills give children a sense of themselves within the broader community.  

They Want To Promote Accountability

Children who participate in Montessori self-directed education programs learn to be accountable for their successes and failures. The Montessori method gives children the tools to evaluate their actions and strategies for achieving desired results academically, socially and emotionally. Children gain confidence when they attain the desired outcome or learn to self-correct. 

They Want To Instill a Passion for Learning

A judgment-free approach to learning promotes a desire and love for knowledge and encourages creative problem-solving by eliminating the fear of failure. The learning process, rather than the ultimate grade, becomes the focus.

The Montessori philosophy attracts parents who want their children to develop the self-confidence they need early-on to become contributing members of society.

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