The truth behind common condom myths

Condoms are one of the most popular forms of sexual protection, yet there are still lots of myths and misconceptions surrounding them. These myths cause many people to avoid using condoms, which is a big problem as they are one of most effective ways to prevent STIs.

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If you want to make sure you are clued up about condoms, dont worry. Here are some of the most common myths surrounding condoms and the reality behind them.

You dont need to use a condom if you are having anal or oral sex

Some people think that they dont need to use condoms if they are having anal or oral sex, as there is no risk of pregnancy, but this is not necessarily true. Anal sex may not result in a pregnancy, but condoms are also used to prevent the spread of STIs. This is very important, as it is entirely possible to contract an STI through anal or oral sex.

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Two condoms are better than one

A common condom myth is that it is better to use two condoms than one; however, in reality, you should never use two condoms at once. This is because the condoms will rub against each other, so they are more likely to split. Dont worry – one condom is 98 per cent effective when it comes to preventing disease, which makes it one of the safest contraception options.

Condoms cost too much money

Another common myth surrounding condoms is that they are too expensive, but this myth is also just that! Condoms are one of the most affordable and accessible types of birth control in the UK, as you can pick them up from most shops and grocery stores for a very low price. If you dont have any money, that is not a problem, as you can go to your doctors or a sexual health clinic to pick up condoms for free.

On the other hand, contraceptive pills can only be picked up from your doctors or a sexual health clinic, and you will have to provide medical information and fill out forms if you want to use them.

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