How Your Church Can Help the Homeless in Your Town

People fall into homelessness for a variety of reasons. Beyond government agencies, churches often reach out to help get the displaced back on their feet again. Here are a few ways your church can assist the homeless population in your community.

Shower Trailer

Mobile shower trailers have the capability to offer those living on the streets a chance to shower in a clean, private setting. There are generally four to 10 stalls in the trailer, and each stall has a shower, toilet and sink. Your church can rent a trailer for a day or purchase one as part of your homeless ministry. These trailers are fully contained, so you can park them in a location near where you see the homeless camp or arrange to have it set it up in your church parking lot on specific days of the month.

Mailbox Service

Without an address, it is hard for a person to receive benefit checks, apply for a job, open a bank account, get mail from family members or receive notices about affordable housing options. Your church can offer a mailbox service to the homeless in your area by providing them the use of the church’s address as their own. This also allows church members to work directly with those in need to help them find employment opportunities, shelters or more permanent housing.

Hope Coach

Those who are homeless tend to shy away from going to a church, so church members must take the opportunity to go to them. If your church has a van, stock it full of sandwiches, bottles of water and toiletry kits and start driving around the streets in your town. When you see destitute people, stop and give them food, water and a toiletry kit. Talk to them to find out more about their situation and tell them about resources available to help them get off the streets.

With your church, try one or more of these ideas to help the homeless in your town.

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