Tips for Hauling Bulk Freight

The world of trucking presents an ever-expanding job opportunity for people who are willing to put in the work. There’s always going to be freight and products that need to be shipped. That requires truck drivers who know how to transport different materials. If you’re a new truck driver, here are some helpful tips for hauling bulk freight that will help you guide your career and get started successfully.

Dry Is Easiest

Almost every new truck driver starts by hauling dry freight. It’s the easiest because you usually don’t need to load it yourself or secure anything. There’s also no liquid to influence the movement of the truck as you drive. You can work with a freight broker Benicia CA to select the load, origination and destination of your haul.

Liquid Requires Extra Work

Liquid bulk freight is transported differently, requiring a cylindrical tanker instead of a typical van or trailer. This gives it a different feel while hauling it, especially when the 50,000 pounds of liquid is moving within the tank. Drivers with a bit more experience will select liquid freight jobs because this type of load sometimes has an increased pay because of the possible additional danger it may pose. A liquid load usually requires manual labor, such as handling vents and hoses.

Flat Bed Can Be Tricky

Working with flatbed freight may be the easiest step up from hauling dry. After specific training for getting this type of vehicle around terrain like hills and cities, you’ll have to learn how to carry the heavy tarps and secure the load. However, this is the kind of freight that most drivers prefer to handle.

Hauling freight presents the opportunity for drivers to always learn something new. There are different kinds to haul and new trucks to test out. Once you get the hang of dry freight, you’ll be ready to grow in your career and find the type of load you like best.

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