Teacher Concepts

As a teacher, you have one of the most important jobs in the world. Inside your classroom, you are providing the basis for what future generations will know and act upon. It’s up to you to prepare students for what’s to come and what they need to know. Here are three things you need to think about doing as a teacher.

Personal Training

Beyond the necessary certifications for being a teacher, your school may require you to have other training as well. Some will provide safety training within their district, while others may have an online program or some other way to provide you the instruction you need. While not always mandatory, it’s beneficial for every teacher to be certified in CPR. This is especially prudent if you work with younger students in the lower grades.

Classroom Procedures

Before beginning your school year, you should have a game plan of how you want your classroom run. While the school will have generic rules for all the students, you should establish class procedures and policies as well. These include homework penalties, bathroom passes, talking in class, and various others. Your system should be centered around the grade you teach, as different age groups adhere to different things and require different instructions.

Student Activities

Although you are given a basic curriculum for what you are teaching and what each day’s lesson should entail, you are the teacher. It is your job to make sure students are learning. If a concept isn’t grasped the first time it is taught, take the time to go over it again. Whenever you have the opportunity to make learning fun and exciting, you should jump at the chance to show it to your students. Incorporate different activities and experiments wherever possible.

While you have big shoes to fill as a teacher, taking one day at a time can get you through the school year. If you start the year having already mastered these concepts, your pilgrimage will be a lot easier.

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