Different Types of Holsters People Use To Hold Guns

Have you recently been wanting to find the right kind of holster for your gun? People who carry guns want to make sure they have the right style and size holster for their needs. Depending on how you wish to carry your weapon, you can find gun holders to wear as you please.

Around the Waist

One of the most common ways people can holster a gun is around their waist. Security guards, police officers, and other law enforcement agents typically wear their guns in belt holsters. When people have to wear their guns and stand on their feet all day, it’s more comfortable when they can hold it on their belt.

On the Ankle

Sometimes, people are more comfortable carrying their gun in an ankle holster. Smaller guns that are easy to conceal are better to use in a holster that sits on your ankle. When people wear western boots, sometimes the boot allows a place to hold a gun. Ankle holsters are also great for holding a spare weapon.

Over the Shoulder

Another commonly used holster type for law enforcement is a shoulder holster. This contraption works by going around the shoulders to hold one or two guns under one or both arms. This type of garment works great for people like detectives who wear a suit jacket. The guns stay concealed while the person has their jacket on.

In a Concealment Garment

Concealment garments can come in a variety of styles. People who carry concealed weapons can benefit from specialized garments that help conceal the gun. Shorts, pants, vests, tank tops, and jackets are just a few of the options available out there.

When people carry a gun regularly, they want to make sure they have the right gear for their needs. Being comfortable and being safe are both equally important.

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