Gymnastics, a flexible approach to sport

Gymnastics is the type of sporting activity that requires a participant to be flexible, have strength, agility, endurance, co-ordination and grace.  If you have the mental attributes to become a great gymnast then you are; self-confidant, competitive, daring, alert and self-disciplined. The most competitive style of gymnastics for men and women is the artistic style which consists of; for women, the floor routine, the beam, the vault and uneven bars.  For men it is; again, the floor routine, pommel horse, horizontal bar, parallel bars and the vault rings. To be successful the potential gymnast will need to develop strength in their legs, arms, abdominal muscles, shoulders, back and chest. They will need to commit time and energy into training for many hours a week.

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Becoming a gymnast and being flexible and adaptable is rather like changing a PDF to Excel file and companies such as PDFTABLES can complete this process for you. The Federation Internationale de Gymnastics is the governing body for eight sports in total which include; Artistic gymnastics, trampolining, tumbling, acrobatics and aerobic gymnastics. This is considered to be one of the most dangerous sports and unfortunately it produces a high rate of wrist and foot injuries especially amongst girls aged eleven to eighteen. Children as young as two years of age can participate in gymnastic classes but experts recommend that they wait until at least five or six before taking part seriously.


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