How to care for your skin?

Oily, combination, dry, stressed skin … characteristics may vary.And every skin type will match a particular care.

Do not attack the skin!

Whether dried or greasy contrary, one of the basic principles for treating skin is to respect it.Do not attack him.Hence the interest in natural cosmetics.Organic substances as neutral as possible.But neutral does not mean inefficient and odorless.The compounds of Sanoflore care, for example, often more than 90% natural, combining the pleasure of cosmetics with efficiency.

How to care for your skin

Taking time to heal his skin

Treat, pamper your skin in time, it is also observed.It is to be observed.The skin is our reflection, our DNA, our identity.A “shock therapy”, violent, may bring the desired effects but over a short period.By a process in time, you treat your skin gently.
This process is true for dry to very dry skin.Excessive moisture and violent will not always have good results.But a balanced diet, controlled hydration and some pitfalls … and everything will return to normal.This is daily attention.
Oily skins are also monitored.Wanting to dry out oily skin, to “return to normal” is a mistake.Again natural skincare eliminating excess oil will be more effective than a brutal cure without water-based or aggressive creams.

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