Diabetic macular edema (DME), a disease that tends to develop in diabetic patients

The views and eyes are a key part of our body and, as such, are cared for and protected in the best way: in this regard, there is a dense network of blood vessels and cells that reside in the back of the eye of each of us.

One of the main functions of this system is to act as a barrier against all those substances that enter and leave the retina, which is the part of the eye on which all images are stamped and recorded we see … well, sort of roll of a camera.


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But when it can happen, this barrier is damaged, causing a consequent discharge of liquid, they tend to accumulate in the retina, forming a macular edema which makes blurred and blurred central vision.

And not only that: in fact, if not treated properly, with the passage of time can form scars that damage the retina.

To understand, are as scratches on a lens, which can get to definitely jeopardize the view. But what tents and provoke them?

Underpinning all this, there is prolonged exposure to high levels of glucose in the blood, in short uncontrolled diabetes; Other risk factors are smoking and being overweight.

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There are targeted drugs that save the pots?

There are many treatment options currently available to treat DME (Diabetic Macular Edema): it can stimulate the contraction of blood vessels by laser therapy, which tends to destroy the areas that “impart the command” to create new vessels.

In summary, uncontrolled hyperglycemia, which goes boast for years, can cause serious damage to the retina, putting at risk the visual function.

But not only in the long run, if not properly treated, it can cause the so-called Diabetic Macular Edema (DME), which in developed countries is the main cause of blindness in working age.

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