The causes of sensitive teeth

If we analyze the statistics, the problem of tooth sensitivity in some way every person. It happens that the sensitivity of the teeth there after visiting the dental clinic after treatment. Some patients who come to the dentist complaining of constant heightened tooth sensitivity and discomfort arises. In rare cases, the increased sensitivity of the teeth indicates the presence of disease.

To assist with unpleasant and painful sensations, you first need to find out the causes of sensitive teeth.

sensitive teeth

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The increased sensitivity of the teeth

So, most frequently enhanced tooth sensitivity (also called hyperesthesia), manifested after consuming hot, sour, sweet products, after use and highly cold and hot drinks heavily. Also seen pain when you inhale cold air through the mouth.

The main reason is the development of caries hyperesthesia and having cavities, the disturbed structure hard tooth tissues and painful sensations arise. Pain sensations may also result in damage to the enamel, with the exposed roots and tooth necks.

Tooth sensitivity may be increased by the presence in the oral cavity and defects of pathological manifestations. For example, wedge-shaped defects, tooth enamel is porous, some demineralized portions may also cause discomfort.

Sensitive teeth and contribute to the manipulation performed in dental clinics.

Everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy, white smile. Namely, for whitening teeth using special whitening gel, which contains the chemically active substances causing hypersensitivity.

Once cured caries may micro pulp inflammation, which in turn also contributes to tooth sensitivity.

Consequences of periodontal disease can be another cause of hypersensitivity. Deposits are formed above and below the gum from which you want to get rid of and regularly fluoridation of teeth.

If uncontrolled or gnashing teeth strong compression gradual erasure enamel, and then the teeth and tissues themselves as a result – hyperaesthesia.

If disrupted endocrine system during pregnancy, toxemia, and during menopause.

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How to reduce the hypersensitivity

The main causes of sensitive teeth may find and eliminate only by a specialist. In the treatment may reduce the sensitivity, which is caused by mechanical and chemical stimuli.

Once eliminated the main causes of tooth sensitivity by means of sealing, treatment remineralized therapy, it is advisable to use mouthwash, toothpaste and gels that help to reduce hypersensitivity.

Uncontrolled compression and gnashing of teeth that most often occurs during sleep will use a mouth guard for bruxism. But we must remember that this is not a treatment of the problem – it’s just eliminate the symptom. It is necessary to consult a doctor-dentist gnathology.

Prevention hyperesthesia

To eliminate the hypersensitivity of the teeth, in addition to consulting a dentist, and help compliance with certain rules.

It is necessary to properly clean the teeth – the movement should be perpendicular to the gums, soft, without pressure. Clean from the gum to the tooth. The brush should be selected soft, not sharp, rounded bristles.

Keep in mind that whitening toothpaste may increase the sensitivity of the teeth, in which case it is not necessary to abuse. Use turn – toothpaste for whitening and paste for sensitive teeth.

You must be wary of eating spicy and acidic food and drinks. After the use of hot drinks is not the ice-cream or cold drink of water.

And still it is necessary to remember that regular visits to the dentist can help identify the causes of hypersensitivity and in the early stages to eliminate them.

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