Dark chocolate that is good for health

Continue studies related to chocolate consumption and the benefits it would bring: the Brown University conducted a study review of 19 clinical researches to evaluate the benefits of chocolate effects on our health.

The aim is not just to know if and how eating chocolate is good, but also to take into consideration any new uses, also in medicine. According Xiaochen Lin, author of the research, in fact, “it should strive to set up large long-term randomized studies to improve understanding of how the short-term benefits of taking cocoa can be translated into clinical practice.”


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How did the study? The researchers examined a sample of 1131 subjects who consumed the cocoa flavanols. Right on the consumption of these substances, of which dark chocolate is particularly rich, the research focused. What emerged is that subjects who consumed less flavanols experienced a reduction of systemic inflammation levels, insulin resistance. As well as of dyslipidemia, or blood lipids, such as triglycerides.

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This reduction, although that occurred to a small extent, however it results particularly relevant and significant from a statistical point of view.

What does this mean? All these factors (dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and inflammation) are risk factors for the development of various diseases, from heart ones, obesity, diabetes.

Also remember that the research is related to the consumption of only dark chocolate, without additives and added sugars. To specify it is the same Xiaochen Lin: “The groups included in our meta-analysis were primarily composed of consumers of dark chocolate. Why the results should not be generalized to the various types of this food.”

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