The Benefits of Olive Oil

All known olive oil today can be easily purchased in stores. However, due to the high price, we rarely draw our attention to this healthy product. And in vain! After all, the use of olive oil for health is enormous: olive oil improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system (it is useful for blood vessels) and the musculoskeletal system, prevents the deposition of cholesterol plaques, protects cells from damage, heals wounds, increases blood coagulability, increases skin elasticity and hinders The appearance of wrinkles.

It may seem unbelievable that one tablespoon of olive oil per day could produce such an effect on the body, but it really is …

The Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil is a very high-calorie product. Almost completely consists of fatty acids. However, fats can also be extremely beneficial to the body in small amounts. And if you take olive oil separately from animal fats, then the caloric value of its intake will be zero at all, because In this case, fats simply get rid of the body without digestion, but the health benefits will be great.

First, olive oil contains 80 g. Omega-9 fatty acids, also known as oleic acid. The lack of oleic acid (omega-9) in the body can lead to an exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases, an increase in blood pressure. And omega-9 fatty acids are very useful against the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Secondly, in olive oil there is 8 grams. Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6, Also called “linoleic acid.” Its presence in olive oil is very important, because Linoleic acid (omega-6) improves the condition of the vessels, and therefore has the ability to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Thus, we can say that taking just 1 tablespoon of olive oil a day helps prevent heart attack, stroke and lower cholesterol.

Olive oil and slimming

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As already mentioned above, olive oil is very caloric, because Consists almost entirely of fatty acids. Its calorie content reaches 898 kcal per 100 gr. Therefore, nutritionists advise to limit the consumption of olive oil per day to 1 tablespoon, i.е. Up to about 20 ml. In this case, its calorie content will not cause any damage to the figure and will not contribute to the deposition of subcutaneous fat. In addition, there is an opinion that taking a small amount of vegetable oils separately from animal fats does not lead to their assimilation and energy use by the body. Therefore, you can no doubt eat a small amount of olive oil a day. From this there will be only one benefit.

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Some more properties of olive oil

Olive oil contains in its composition a large amount of vitamin E, namely 12.1 mg per 100 ml. The presence of vitamin E in the composition of olive oil is very important for the health of any person, because vitamin E protects cells from damage, being an excellent antioxidant, healing wounds and helps increase blood coagulability. Under its influence, the elasticity of the skin of the entire body increases, and the appearance of wrinkles slows down. And besides all of the above, vitamin E is an excellent stimulant of sexual attraction.

Which olive oil to choose and how to do it?

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In fact, the choice of olive oil – it’s not the most difficult. In general, it does not matter in what package olive oil is offered, most importantly; do not forget to look at the expiration dates of the goods. After all, if you buy olive oil, the expiration date of which is close to completion (and which can be sold at a discount), it may turn out that the oil will be bitter.

The usual shelf life of olive oil is 1 year, and the more fresh the product, the more useful substances it will retain.

You can also easily check the authenticity of olive oil. To do this, place it in the fridge for a while. If after exposure to cold olive oil gave a precipitate in the form of whitish flakes, then everything is in order. This precipitate should be formed from a mixture of monounsaturated and saturated acids in the composition of olive oil. If there is no draft, be careful: most likely, it is a fake.

If possible, it is better to choose olive oil in glass bottles, because In tin cans, when stored, the product is affected by oxidation from the container.

Unrefined, 100% olive oil, so called extra-virgin, suitable for any use, but refined olive oil can only be used for frying. Its use is not recommended for salad dressings and oral intake. If possible, it is better to choose olive oil in glass bottles, because in tin cans, when stored, the product is affected by oxidation from the container. The color of olive oil, which can also be determined only in glass containers, can be different: more yellowish from black olives or more greenish from green. But in no case the color should not be grayish, t. This indicates the spoiling of olive oil.

So, eating a small amount of olive oil a day can be very beneficial for your health. You just need to remember the above tips when choosing it to get from olive oil a huge benefit to the body.

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