4 dinners to combat constipation naturally

Constipation is a very troublesome health problem that, if not treated properly, can trigger more serious diseases. Nevertheless, we must avoid laxatives that irritate the bowel and are harmful for the flora.

In this article, we propose one of the natural remedies that exist to combat constipation. These recipes, to prepare supper, are very healthy and helps the intestinal transit. Must try!

Why dinner?

Dinner is particularly important to combat constipation and you will see how easy it is realizing.

The liver is closely related bowel and dinner is the meal that most affect on it, an organ that regenerates itself in the early hours of the night. For this reason, early in the evening and dine with a light meal it is an important first step for constipation. And if you also opt for ingredients that promote the proper functioning of the liver and intestines, you will see the results already from the morning.


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Baked eggplant with tomato and mozzarella

The eggplant, in addition to being a delicious vegetables, are rich in cellulose, a component that promotes intestinal transit. Due to the high water content, they are an ingredient that easily satisfied and very useful against hypertension and cholesterol.

A very healthy, light and easy to cook eggplant is baked them. First, however, should be left to stand in water and salt for at least an hour.

With this recipe, it will make the eggplants even tastier thanks to the combination with chopped tomato and a bit of mozzarella. Just a thin slice of mozzarella to get a truly irresistible dish.

We suggest you season with oregano and basil.

Velvety with pulp and pumpkin seeds

The Pumpkin is also rich in fiber and helps to remove excess fluid from the body. It is therefore the ideal option when you feel bloated, is because of constipation is water retention.

One of the most traditional recipes using pumpkin is the velvety, because the thick and dense texture of this vegetable allows us to prepare this simple dish in no time.

You can dress it with olive oil and a bit ‘of sea water, two other ingredients that improve the functioning of the liver and intestines.

Finally, we suggest you add some pumpkin seed to the velvety, not only because very nutritious, but also because they are an excellent remedy to prevent and combat intestinal parasites, which can cause constipation.

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Cream of avocado and flax seeds

There are days when we do not feel like cooking in the evening, but that does not mean we do not want to eat healthy. Quick and tasty option is to prepare a cream of avocado, like guacamole, but the lighter taste and appropriate to the dinner.

Avocado is rich in protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and soluble and insoluble fiber, all nutrients that promote bowel movements.

To prepare this recipe, just mash the avocado with a fork and season with crushed garlic or powder, olive oil, vinegar and a bit ‘of salt. We may also want to add some flax seed, an ancient remedy for constipation.

You can accompany this cream with wholemeal bread or brown rice cakes.

Zucchini stuffed with brown rice

The zucchini is a vegetable rich in mucilage, with emollient fibers that help the body to be torched mucous membranes, easily damaged by bad eating habits.

They also have a slight laxative effect and are therefore ideal to combat constipation and for those who, in general, suffer from digestive disorders.

For this recipe, we propose to use the variety of more round zucchini, but you can also use the classic zucchini and cut across the board.

As well as the eggplant, you can cook the zucchini in the oven and in this case and fill it with brown rice, a cereal very nutritious and rich in minerals and fiber that will make this dish a very balanced dinner.

We suggest you dress this dish with a homemade sauce of your choice.

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