Influenza: What are the symptoms and how to heal?

Like every year, on time the influence of the winter season arrives, with symptoms sometimes different but with the same health consequences. This year the flu will have the responsibility of the H1N1 virus, H3N2, B Phuket and the B Brisbane, well cataloged according to air their geographical location.

Experts estimate talked about a significant spike in diseases after the Christmas period, and a number of no less than 5 million Italians involved, especially children and the elderly due to physical characteristics.


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How can you recognize the peculiar symptoms of this flu wave?

This year, the influence will bring the classic symptoms of illnesses of the winter season, such as chills, sore joints and bones, more or less high fever, colds and sore throat. Watchlist is precisely the chills and diarrhea, which characterize the disease. Also peculiar cough and fever that may last for several days, five or six against two to three classics.

The incubation period is scheduled from 1 to 4 days, with the appearance of symptoms. Loss of appetite and general tiredness complete the symptom picture, but do not worry: most interested flu wave will recover in less than a week. Children will take longer to heal, an average of ten days.

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How to care?

Beyond the classical drug therapy, for which it is always best to consult your family doctor to avoid contraindications, you can heal from the influence by operating a few simple steps. First you have to avoid contact with other people when they are contagious, so do not leave home unless absolutely necessary.

A little ‘rest, fluid intake to prevent dehydration process and the classic fumigation can not do well. Always it remains the recommended intake of vitamin C. If you feel too intense symptoms, it heals or it is not in doubt about their health should contact a doctor.

The Best Defense: Prevention

The best rules to avoid getting sick are those on prevention. Just follow the most basic rules of hygiene, such as washing hands and cover your mouth when you cough, to avoid infecting others.

Obviously it is to avoid contact with the sick, and you need good to clean the places where you come into contact with the sick person. To avoid getting sick, finally, in addition to hygiene rules it is good practice to rest a lot, try not to get stressed too, stay hydrated and eat properly.

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