Five Common Reasons for Male Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that many men experience as they get older. Some men will lose their hair earlier than others. For some it is something that they accept and even embrace – after all there are many attractive men who embrace the hair free look! For some men though it is something that they struggle with. However, fortunately we have many ways nowadays to give hair back to the men that want it – from places like this scalp micropigmentation Birmingham based clinic, to surgical interventions, like hair follicle transplants. Then of course there is also the option of the toupee!

There are many things that can cause baldness in males – here are some of the main things…

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Genes – One of the biggest factors is genetics. For most men you can get an idea of when and if you will go bald by looking at the males in the generations above you. Of course, this is not something that is set in stone, as you can see below there are many other factors, but this can be a big indicator.

Diet – A healthy diet is essential for a body that functions correctly. There are certain vitamins that are good for the stimulation of the hair follicles, such as Zinc for example. You can buy vitamins that are specifically designed to stimulate healthy hair growth.

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Stress Levels – When the body gets stressed it can cause problems in many parts of the body, due to the release of the hormone called cortisol. Of course, it is normal to get stressed and anxious from time to time, but it is essential to learn to control this and learn to be able to relax and calm down.

Hormones – The male hormone for testosterone plays an important role in the body of a man. For many men, the levels of the hormone can decrease with age. When this happens, one of the things that can happen is hair loss as the hair follicles stop working.

Illness – When we get ill, the body puts all it has into combatting the illness to get us better. Sometimes this means that some parts of the body will stop working as well as the body focuses on getting better, and the hair follicles can sometimes be a casualty of an illness or infection.

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