Blurred vision: It looks and how to cure it?

The change of season, the drier air, a stressful time at work, or a visual defect or a disease for which you did not know existed?

The blurred vision is a symptom not to be underestimated, as it can be temporary discomfort, but in some cases of a disease signal, especially if accompanied by headache, dizziness, fatigue.

What might be the causes of blurred vision?

Among the most frequent causes are the refraction defects. Normally people suffering from myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia knows it, but can also be in the situation where this defect is beginning to manifest itself. The astigmatism due in fact a blurred vision of objects at different distances. The myopia is characterized by poor sharpness of distant objects, while the hyperopia occurs often in transient blurring near vision or feeling of eyestrain, that is, visual fatigue.

Blurred vision

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Eye diseases: Even the cataract has among its initial symptoms as blurred or double vision and sensitivity to light and glaucoma, caused by excessive pressure in the eye, can cause, especially if acute, sudden visual blurring, accompanied by pain, headache and nausea. This disease in its early stage is often asymptomatic. Therefore, it is good to periodically undergo an intraocular tension control, especially if you have family members with glaucoma.

“In general – says Dr. Barbara Prandi, medical ophthalmologist – if you suspect you have more than a passing disturbance of vision, it is essential to go as soon as the ophthalmologist trusted to undergo a thorough examination. The blurred vision in fact tells us that something is wrong, he must in a sense, listening to it.”

There are also other disorders that can cause temporary visual blurring such as hypoglycemia, headache, Graves disease, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure naturally.

What can be done to lessen or eliminate the visual blurring?

Innateness must remain calm: Stress and nervousness cause an increase in blood pressure, responsible, as we have said some of the visual blurring phenomena!

If we place a job that forces you to fix the PC monitor for several hours, it is good to adjust the position in front of the PC and take breaks every two hours, look for a few minutes away from the computer screen. In this period of time you can devote to activities that relax as the view and focus on other objects at greater distances. Even close your eyes and massage the eyelids for a few seconds can help.

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You focus. “It may seem a strange advice – underlines the Prandi doctor – but the blurred vision may also be due to the habit of NOT focus: we receive many stimuli during the day that keep us from focusing and this leads to a view clouded”. For this reason, it may be useful to “re-educate” our eyes with easy exercises: try to focus and then immediately “relax” the eyes, leaving blur the objects on which to focus your attention.

Read with the light on: The popularity of e-books and tablets that offer illuminated screens can make the readings tiring for the eyes, if done in the dimly lit room or free from other light sources. Here then appear the blurred vision, eye burning or drying sensation. And ‘advisable to avoid reading on screens lit totally dark environment, it is better to have a more and more ambient light than that emanating from the screen.

In general, when you read about these devices or on the PC and will appear that the text is too small, instead of straining your view should take advantage of technology and enlarge the size of the letters.

Played outdoors: “This tip applies to both adults and children – highlights Dr. Prandi – if you spend much time indoors, for business or leisure, try to change their habits, at least in your spare time: boater open spaces, where your eye can range in the distance. Avoid fatigue and especially enjoy working out your eyes to embrace more space and deeper”.

This advice is even more useful for kids as the outdoor activity stimulates the vision, trains the view and limits the onset or worsening of myopia.

Eat healthy: It may seem redundant, but healthy eating habits already solve part of the problem. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains and foods rich in omega three grains and antioxidants help to strengthen your eyes and the retina. For example, the saffron, protecting the retina, prevents damage caused by aging, the cranberry improves micro circulation in the eye in addition to night vision and carrots, thanks to beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A, they are also critical to retinal health. It must also drink plenty of water helps to keep your body hydrated and our eyes always lubricated.

A few simple precautions can prevent visual blurring, but if despite these precautions persist disorders, Subject yourselves as soon as a visit to your ophthalmologist of confidence!

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